SEN 2550 - Almost at the end

Table of Contents – SEN 2550

Almost at the end

  1. Max Men Mini Flash
  2. Fab Feb Quote
  3. Lost Hills Question


Max Men Mini Flash

From: William Booth 

Dong, H
Drapeau, JL
Dong, Q

F1G Junior
Zhang, Y
Liu, R
Zhou, X

Madelin, G
Jensen, B
Dong, Z

F1H Junior
Dong, Z

Parker, J
Campbell, M
McGuckin, D

Parker, F

Fab Feb Quote

From FB

Daryl Perkins - It was great fun flying with the world's best F1C flyers.


Lost Hills Question
From: Editor
This is more aimed at Local Flyers – Most of the people I know use ATT as a mobile/cell phone provider. I am looking for a Lost Hills Regular who uses another carrier, in particular Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile to understand about the reception quality and how many bars you get – reply to SEN with short comment