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  1. Where its still at
  2. F1-B FlyOff Lining Proposal
  3. Fab Feb Online Entry Update



Where its still at


Re: SEN 2362

From: Nikolay Nikolov

Dear friends,


does any one have the records from World Championship 4-09 October  1993 and the World Cup before the big event which was 01-03 October 1993  ? I have completed both competitions but I do not have the results ! I am interested because ,I am writing some history for Shumen university  of aeromodeling .


Please help me if you have records left??!!!


Best regards  ?.?.?. Nikolay Nikolov  !



In SEN 2356 we said ….


There have been some questions recently in social media where to find information about Free Flight Championships over the years.  There are 3 web sites maintained by Ian Kaynes that have a comprehensive sets of results:


World Champs


World Cup


Free Flight Ranking


There is also a site in Serbia that has information about more recent events


Finally, while we only go back online to 1997 previous copies of SEN can be found on our archives that are organized by year at


F1-B FlyOff Lining Proposal






I have proposal for F1B Flyoffs, which may sound strange in the first look, but is a good one in my view.

Imagine a F1B FlyOff with 50 Flyers and we have the timekeepers , to fly it in a single wave. That makes a 250 mt startline , which very often gives clear advantage to some and a penalty to others. My proposal is to make 2 lines, 30 meters apart and with jigsaw (zig zag ?) spacing.

Flying from 30 mt downwind would not bring any thermal copying advantage and  if we keep the number of persons in the first line down to minimum, we would not face visibility problems.

Please consider this and tell your opinions.

Best Wishes,

Ismail Sarioglu


Fab Feb Online Entry Update


We got a comment from a person who was not at the 2017 events. The international sportsman  wanted to renew his AMA associate membership before so he could speed up his sign up but was disappointed because the AMA does not do online associate membership for international visitors.  One of our reasons for doing the online sign up was to speed up the sign up procedure.  In the past international visitors had to do the AMA associate membership on the filed which involved filling out a complicated form in English, in most cases not their native language and then when the AMA got the form they had to try and read it that was sometimes a challenge.  When you enter online we collect all the information that the AMA needs for associate membership so you do not have to fill out the complicated AMA form.  What we do is send that information to the AMA electronically together with the money that you pay.  It is important to put a correct address so the AMA can send you the membership card. 


Also as part of the AMA’s process you have to sign a safety sheet that says your airplane is properly constructed, tested and that you are competent to fly it in the competition. That safety sheet pre-print by us and you just have to sign your name saying that you are competent etc …


Finally the competitors requested that they be able to enter all events in one place and this form does that.  It also enables the different event organizers to be better prepared. So it is important to pre-enter not just for international visitors but for USA and Canadian sportsmen too. 


While we have a sign up process on the Friday before the first event do not worry if you can’t make that because of travel schedule, work or because you are not taking part in all events. You can sign up and pay later before you fly  and there will information where you do that. 


We send you the sheet of what you signed up for and how much to pay. You do not have to pay until you get to Lost Hills.  Incidentally we did make a mistake on the confirmation sheets of a few of the very first people to enter and will send you a corrected sheet soon.


As we are writing this I just checked and we have 28 entries so far from 14 different countries.