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  1. B flyoff config comment
  2. Heads up from Oz
  3. F1J at Fab Feb
  4. October 1993 World Cup Events at Lost Hills



B flyoff config comment


From:  Michael Achterberg



ZZAG Better.Zig zag line better than a 100 to 200yd. line. Long flyoff lines create uneven conditions. Better to have group closer together and in my opinion much fairer results. When so many in flyoffs  very hard for organizers and competitors. And of course getting back to 7 round contests will help some also. Last 2 rounds usually thins the field by 10/15%. It isn't much but 42/45 is better than 50 in fly offs. 

Just a thought.Michael


Heads up from Oz



If you are planning to attend the Narrandera April the Caravan park is filling up.




Editor’s Note : the Caravan park cabins are popular accommodation for those attending the Free Flight Wolrd Cup events.



F1J at Fab Feb

From: Mike Roberts






Suggest all Fab Feb F1 J pilots bring their “A” game.  There will be at least two F1 C World Champs on the flight line and they are flying well by all reports. Perhaps you may want to increase your nitro fuel orders as well as extra shims to gain some advantage. Should be a real hoot in any case so let Roger know you will enter as soon as possible.  See you on the mini line in Feb.


Kick the tires & light the fires!



Editor’s note– we have 4 J entries in Fab Feb so far and Mike is right 2 are former F1C World Champs

And 21 in A, 16 in B, 7 in C, 1 in Q….. 


Bern protest


From: Frédéric ABERLENC



Dear SEN readers

My protest about the non respect of the FAI rules during the Bern contest was rejected because I have not made the protest on the field. I understand this point of view and respect it.

But what I dont understand is that nobody, including Ian Kaynes himself, has made a protest.

If we continue in this direction, nobody will respect the sporting code and we will kill the Free Flight.





October 1993 World Cup Events at Lost Hills

 From:Nikolay Nikolov


Thank you very much! (for the results)


If some one have protocols of the two events World cup before the World Championship 1993 October???

Best regards Nikolay Nikolov!


Editor’s comment – don’t understand what you are looking for ?