SEN 1942

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  1. Good News 
  2. AZ Champs Results
  3. Looking for a ST 15 header
  4. Kerfuffle Kontinues

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Good news - Napa students enjoy gliders field trip 

From:     Gene Ulm
Dear oh master of sen

Please see link below.  Can this be reprinted in the sen?

Editor's comment
I did not reprint the article because it's copyright but as an added benefit if you follow the link you will see Tim Batiuk with the students flying what looks to me like a Stan Buddenbohm Scout - a great little airplane

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AZ Champs Results

F1A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 FO 1 FO 2 Total
Jim Parker 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 300 316 1876
Shlomi Rosenzweig 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 300 290 1850
Brian Van Nest 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 300 244 1804
Jim Farmer 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 277 1537
Enes Pecenkovic 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 275 1535
Jasminka Pecenkovi 165 154 170 180 180 180 171 1200
Peter Brocks 180 161 178 180 126 153 159 1137
Peter Allnutt 180 180 180 69 180 125 180 1094
Lee Hines 114 180 294

Matt Gewain 180 180 180 180 180 900

Alan Petersen 120 120 120 120 120 600
Peter Brocks 120 120 120 93 120 573

Brian Van Nest 120 120 120 120 120 240 840
Jim Parker 120 120 120 120 120 170 770
Lee Hines 120 120 110 350

Header for ST 15

From: George Voss <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

I'm building a Zingo for FAI and I need a header for the ST15. Do you know of anyone that might have one? Thanks


Kerfuffle Kontinues



This discussion continues unabated on FB around the F1A World Cup final event.

It has transpired that all the contestants were properly entered.  

 I understand that this has led some people to review other World Cup events by other major contenders this year and have seen more than one case where the number of participants was just on or over the limit needed to gain an extra bonus point and while not all of these cases has someone flying just a latter round they did have people with a poor performance not flying all rounds. While it is not clear if these people were regular sportsmen having a bad day, or beginners or whatever. But a remote observer could say just the same things about these event and they have different organizers and different winners and would equally well affect the overall World Cup outcome.

Also it was noted that similar circumstances have arisen in previous years with the World Cup overall winners.

One of the issues is that is it "OK" for a person to only fly in one round as long as it was the first but not if it was the fourth or fifth? Does it mean that in other cases the "ringers" were just better organized ?

Photos were published of the event and you could see some airplanes that did not have numbers on them, then people went and reviewed photos of other World Cup events and noted the same.

Part of the discussion revolves around was there any real rules infraction or was it a moral or sportsmanship issue.  If it is a the latter, could or should anything be done about it? Or does it just reflect on those involved ? In many competitions the "right" person, does not always win.

From my personal perspective I'm trying not to make any judgements but to report on the facts as I see them and the issue clearly much wider than the most recent contest.  But I quote from Lior Bachar, a well known Israeli F1A sportsman who said on FB


"As for some argues about the sportsmen, whether it was a good sportmanship or not, it is not as straight forward as mentioned by most on this post, the picture is much wider than that, therefore i think every one who may have been involved directly/indirectly, actively or passively should make his own self examination and ask himself whether good sportsmanship ends at the written rules only..."

Roger Morrell