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  1. Wakefield Gold Gup Team event proposal
  2. The Ike at Tustin
  3.  World Champs Update

Wakefield Gold Challenge Cup 1911-2011 Centennial WORLD WIDE TEAM EVENT

Dear Chris,
I am writing to the BMFA FFTC to suggest that the Wakefield Gold Cup Centennial is celebrated by team event using 4, 8 oz, classic and modern Wakefields this autumn.  This would provide an excellent promotional opportunity for free flight, particularly since the F1B Wakefield Cup was brought to life in England in 1911. 
As team event this would:
bring different interest groups together;
enable those who are no longer able to retrieve the opportunity to fly their models;
a photogenic opportunity that the Press crave for;
it could go global.
There is a suitable date in the BMFA Calendar 17/18 Sept which would provide sufficient time to prepare models and to promote the event.
Since the world has changed since 1911 with world wide web, it is conceivable that regional competitions right across the Free Flight World could be arranged on this weekend and each team's score compiled to produce the overall winner.  So the end effect would be one of those massive world wide pop concerts, except in our case a world wide fly off.
I am taking this opportunity to copy this suggestion to Ian Kaynes, SAM, SCAT to canvas the idea.  You may be aware of this link . 
kind regards
Nick Bosdet

Tustin Event

We're back in the Tustin hangar!
May 14 and 15. Sat is primarily RC Sun is primarily FF.  HSS is sponsoring Sat and the Isaacson Winter Classic (Norm F) is sponsoring Sun.

Checkout the attached fliers. Please let everyone know! I can't afford to eat the bill!

$20 a day and we are restricted to 40 folks a day. Call me at 310.408.7046 or respond to this email to reserve a spot.

- Norm Furutani

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The Isaacson Winter Classic

Presents: Indoor flying at the Tustin MCAS Blimp Hangar

Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15, 2011

Both Days have limited attendance - Reserve your spot!

The Isaacson Winter Classic (Norm Furutani) is again sponsoring one of two days in the famous Tustin MCAS Blimp Hangar. Sponsorship means that instead of the normal $50 a day, YOU will be able to attend for only $20.

Hangar is 1000’ long x 300’ wide x 150’ high. 300’ of the length will be available for model aircraft. Areas and if needed, times will be designated for different aircraft types.

We will be flying:

Saturday: Primarily Small/light R/C- electric power airplanes and helicopters.

Sunday: Primarily Free flight - indoor duration, gliders, sport rubber and electric

Both days will be sanctioned for AMA record trials.

Inappropriate aircraft will not be allowed to fly! (ex. high speed and/or heavy craft) At the discretion of the CD and organizers.

AMA membership is required of all fliers.

Event Dates: Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15, 2011

Saturday is being sponsored by the Harbor Soaring Society. Fee is $20, contact Fred Hesse (HSS newsletter editor) at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 714-963-5838. CD on Sat. will be Henry Smith III.

Sunday Is sponsored by The Isaacson Winter Classic. Fee is $20, payable to Norm Furutani. We are limited to the number of participants, so let me know you are coming. You can pay on arrival. Contact Norm: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message on my cell 310.408.7046

Site access:

Access is restricted and the gate must remain locked. The gate will open briefly for entry or exit at the following times! 7, 9, and 11 AM, 12:30, 2:30 and the end of the day. Please! No exceptions!

The gate (gate #14) is located at the south west end of Armstrong Ave. The closest intersection is at Valencia Ave. and Armstrong (Tustin CA.) Contact Norm if you need further instructions.

There is NO electricity, lighting or water available. There will be a port a potty outside. NO smoking or alcohol. Please remove any trash.

Your sponsor for the day:

The Isaacson Winter Classic is one of the premier Free Flight contests in the USA. For more info contact Norm

Event organizers – Ralph Ray and Stan Buddenbohm. Contest Directors – Norm Furutani and Henry Smith III


 WC Champs Update


People are starting to arrive in Embalse for next week's event.  Weather much warmer so far than last time.  So far seen members of the Australian, Czech, Finnish, German,  New Zealand and US Teams.  Usual travel stories. The organizers on site with things under control. I can report that the famous hotel has been renovated.  Includes WiFi in the public areas.  The certain members of Oz and US team have already accomplished the impossible and got the chefs from a prime beef loving country to make good vegeterian dishes.



Roger Morrell