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  1. Bill Bogart
  2. WC Update
  3. Westfac

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Bill Bogart

Long time SCAT member Bill Bogart passed away recently. He had been in ill health for some time. Bill was well known to the global FAI free flight community through his writing, research and involvement in SCAT activities.

In his professional life Bill held a number of key engineering roles in the aerospace industry. The last assignment before retirement was on the B2 stealth bomber program.

Bill made significant contribution to the the FAI free flight community. He was one of the key contributors and long time editor of Scatter, SCAT's print newsletter. Bill also edited the NFFS Symposium as well as writing for that publication and other model airplane publications. The symposium contains many serious technical articles, some with advanced math; it is a tribute to Bill's diligence and ability that he personally checked out every formula and equation before publication.

Bill had a long time friendship with Bob White; they had a weekly lunch together for over 40 years. Bill provided Bob with the theoretical knowledge behind various innovations that Bob used in his successful Wakefield models. It is particularly interesting to note that the somewhat [at the time] strange looking airfoils that Bill designed for Bob are now the vogue as “Low Drag Airfoils”. These guys were only 30 or 40 years ahead of their time. The low drag aspect was apparent in the climbing speed of Bob's airplanes. Modern construction materials and trimming techniques make these Bogart airfoils usable by normal people.

We will all miss Bill's dry wit and keen powers of observation.

W Champs update

Yesterday, Thursday was a perfect training day with no wind in the morning, transitioning to very tricky thermal condition with light lift that the models found but did not climb significantly withe wing got up to 2-3 ms with good lift.  I adjorned for lunch and after lunch the weather started to go off so a trip to town was needed to the Alfajores outlet, local speciality mega cookie.  More teams arrive. the largest team appears to be Mongolia, full team, uniforms, lots of supporters etc.   Pleased to see the French team working with the chef.

SCAT prez had a slightly longer flight than intended, catching his first big thermal at the end of the session and going a little further than wise and failing to respond to the RDT. He did 5 mins , fortunately Mrs Prez had a good line on the model and it was found with no difficulty.

Today did according to the meteo - check out Argentina/embalse Rio tercio on , site suggested by Alex Andriukov- and is clear and windy.  Teams who missed the yesterday session went to the field but most considered discression the better part of valor.  That's why you are getting this report.. may after siesta it will be better ?

WESTFAC III is coming up in June ...the 22nd thru the 25th at the MMM 
27,000 acre field in Denver. If you have not pre-registered as yet, please do 
ASAP . You can download the registration form at _www.westernfac.com_
(   Any questions just  call Roger Willis at 760-603-8877.

Roger Morrell