SEN 1175 - 20 January 2008

Table of Contents - SEN 1175 - 20 Jan 2008

  1. Brits flying in the USA
  2. SEN Update
  3. Looking for Miklos items
  4. Jan 20008 FFQ

Brits flying in USA

From:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A friend and I are thinking of touring the Eastern USA and are wondering if it might be possible to get in some freeflight rubber and power.  We will sail to New York and either sail or fly back.  I would appreciate some information about taking model boxes on aircraft leaving the USA?
Kind regards
John Worsley

Editor's Comment - John while I'm not sure what to do about power models and engines - flying in and out of the USA is no worse than anywhere else. It's possible that the TSA [airport security people] might want to look inside your box or your tools might attract attention but I have not had any serious problems.  You would of course get your fuel in the USA and get or borrow a battery or starter box.

SEN Update

We have determined that Telstra Clear and Paradise services in New Zealand and Virgin Media in the UK have both decided that SEN is inappropriate material and in spite of numerous discussions refuse to budge, so you can't get SEN mailed to you there. - I guess yet another reason why FF participation is down- this censorship... but on the other hand the kids found out it was considered inappropriate material ...

We are continuing our discussions with Yahoo as to why, sometimes they silently reject SEN. It appears to happen at certain times of the day, probably when their servers are more heavily loaded.

We will be closing the old web site on shortly. This is for operational and financial reasons. Hopefully we will have the SEN archives etc up on the new site before that. You can get to that with out new domain name - Note that we changed the domain name as the old one had a word that attracted attention from some people's spam filters.

You send send submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Looking for Miklos items

From: EDWARD MATE This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

So sorry to hear and wish I had known about fellow Hungarian Miklos. Isten aldya meg. (God bless him.)
I would have been a customer for sure.
Is there a catalog of his items and is there any of it left I might buy?
Ed Mate

Jan 2008 FFQ

This latest issue of Free Flight Quarterly is devoted to the F1A category and carries a number of articles on that topic apart from the regular articles of general interest to Free Flighters.  On the historical aspects of the category, Erik Knudsen, historian of SAM Denmark, traces the history of the A2/F1A category from its origins in wartime Scandinavia to the early fifties with many rare original photos, while  Marku Tahkapaa  writes on his Ellipsi, the 70's model designed to be the "ultimate" A2: elliptical planform, elliptical dihedral, special "egg box" wing construction, a model of outstanding beauty. The technical development of the F1A models is considered by Martin Gregorie as he traces the Time Line of  the most outstanding advances to present day. Per Findhal speaks of the evolution of his models from the beginning up to  the Lord Flash 3 design, with which he won the latest WC in Odessa last June. There are some fine drawings of his models by Jean Wantzenriether. Brian Eggleston casts a critical look at F1A airfoils and  shows a way to optimize them  for best overall performance using XFoil, the renowned Drela airfoil program.
The April 2008 issue of Free Flight Quarterly will continue this theme with more articles on the F1A category.

The table of contents and the cover of this issue can be seen in our website:

Sergio Montes

Roger Morrell