SEN 1008 - 19 May 2006

SEN 19 May 2006 issue 1008

Table of Contents
Stonehenge Cup 2006 Pictures
Timer/ESC Controller for F1Q models - Reid
Lost Hills and CUFFMAC - Murphy
Off The Field - Mate
Stonehenge Results - Watson
Skyscraper's 40th Challenge May 27-28, 2006 - Fennell and Barron
Omarama, NZ - Roberts

Stonehenge Cup 2006 Pictures


A few images of the Stonehenge Cup 2006.

Michael J Woodhouse, Norwich, UK.

Timer/ESC Controller for F1Q models
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With the introduction of F1Q as an FAI specification for electric powered
free flight models, a new chapter in FF development has opened. There are few
restrictions in this specification. If Nicad or NiMH batteries are used,
then the maximum battery pack weight is 125 grams, or if Lithium batteries are
used the maximum is 90 grams. The maximum motor run is 25 seconds, unless the
competition CD deems otherwise.

And that's it. There are no restrictions on model size, weight, design or
surface movement. Any kind of motor, with or without gearing, can be used.
In many ways the F1Q specification resembles that of the F1G (Coupe) rubber
class - few restrictions, resulting in a wide variety of design approaches
being possible, which is great for experimentation in model development.

>From a practical standpoint, the best power to weight ratio for an F1Q power
source is a brushless outrunner motor powered by lithium polymer cells.
However, for FF use, a small problem becomes apparent. Brushless motors require
a specially designed controller (ESC) to enable them to operate at all, and
to control the speed of the motor. Even brushed motors require an ESC if
motor speed is to be altered. For safety reasons, most ESCs require that the
motor start in a low (or off) throttle position. Brushless motors are
principally used in R/C models, where the radio receiver passes on throttle position
commands from the pilot. Of course, there is no radio receiver in a FF
model, so a replacement for it must be provided, to tell the ESC what to do in
order to start, run and stop the motor during a flight.

I've watched to see if such a timer/controller became available for F1Q use,
without success so far. Therefore, I contacted Sergio Zigras, a New Jersey
based electronics designer, who has solved other control problems for both
R/C and C/L modellers. In a series of emails, he and I worked out the
requirements for what Sergio describes as the "ZTRON F1Q ESC Controller and Timer".
He then produced a prototype timer for me to test, which I have done.

It works perfectly. When installed in a model, there would be a push button
switch located under the modeller's thumb while the model is held ready for
launch. In practise, the battery would be connected and when ready to fly
the push button would be pressed. Only then would the motor start, slowly at
first, and run up to a pre-programmed speed (for competition use this would be
full speed, but lower speeds can be programmed for model trimming purposes).
At the moment of launch, the push button is released, and the motor run
timer starts. At the end of the programmed time (a run time of 1 to 25 seconds,
in 1 second intervals, can be programmed), the motor stops, but the timer
keeps running. At the end of the next programmed period (30 seconds to 10
minutes in 30 second programmable intervals), the timer signals a servo to move
from one end of its travel to the other, in order to release a D/T line. The
timer then waits 2 seconds, returns the servo to its start position, and
shuts down. The motor run time is very accurate and highly repeatable, being
microprocessor controlled. The servo operated D/T function can be omitted, if
one wished.

The timer works for both brushed and brushless motor ESCs. All the
programmed settings are stored in non-volatile memory, but can be altered as needed,
with no external devices being required. All this is accomplished in a
minute electronic module, measuring 10 mm by 15 mm, and weighing a virtually
insignificant three-quarters of a gram. It's a little gem!

For any present or potential F1Q modellers interested in more details,
Sergio can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it._
(mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) . He has yet to decide whether or not to begin
commercial production of
the timer, but some encouragement from the FF community could soon alter that.
Even if you are only vaguely interested, a note of your interest could help
him in his decision.

A hypothetical F1Q model

Given to open nature of the F1Q specification, a wide range of model sizes
would fit, from small F1G-sized models, to large F1J or F1C-sized ones. Only
the battery weight restriction puts an upper limit on size, while being able
to see the model places a practical lower limit on size.

To see how one might go about designing a mid-sized model, let's start with
the battery pack, and I'll choose LiPo cells. A Poly-Pro 3 cell, 800 mAh,
pack weighs 65 grams and can output 24 amps at a nominal 11.1 volts for 35
seconds (it's rated at 16 amps continuous operation). Just one suitable motor
for this pack is the Hacker A30-22S brushless outrunner (there are many
others). It weighs 71 grams, can take up to 28 amps peak, and should drive an 8" x
4" folding prop at around 13,200 RPM, producing about 820 grams of thrust,
according to motor simulation software. A suitable ESC is the 17 gram Castle
Creations Phoenix 25.

The drive system (motor, prop, battery, ESC and timer) should weigh in at
about 175 grams. This could be used in models from about 250 sq. in. (F1B
size) to, say, 500 sq. in. of wing area. The airframe weight of an F1B size
electric FF model could be held to about 100 grams (I've built several electric
FF model airframes of that weight in the past, without their being flimsy).
Let's pick a 350 sq. in. wing size, though. The airframe should come in at
about 155 grams, giving a total model weight of about 330 grams. Put 820 grams
of thrust behind it, and the power to weight ratio (2.5:1) should produce a
very nice climb, to a pretty impressive height after 25 seconds. At a 3:1
power to weight ratio, a 275 gram model, hardly larger than an F1B, should be
nearly ballistic in flight.

But this is all just speculation. Now that a suitable motor control timer
can be had, what can you do with an F1Q model?

Jack Reid.

Lost Hills and CUFFMAC
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Congratulations to to Ted Firster and and the team that worked on this
project. The idea of expanding the process of contest date selection to
look outside the local area is a positive step for free flight. I have
long thought that the current AMA contest coordinator position was
obsolete and should be replaced by one that would work across AMA
district boundaries so that competition could be enhanced by the
minimization of conflicting dates.

The America's Cup and National Cup programs have been a great step
forward in this area and now with the addition of a broader view in the
scheduling of events at Lost Hills I believe we will see a continued
growth in our hobby/sport.

I am looking forward to flying in next year's US Free Flight Contest and
I hope more people will be able to take advantage of the new schedule to
fly in the Rocky Mountain FF champs.


Jerry Murphy
Chair FFCB

Off The Field
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SAM CHAMPS NOTICES, PENALTY for going off the field. Since landing on the
field has become SO IMPARATIVE I suggest that NFFS, SAM and AMA look into
some kind of radio control in FF events. Possibly after the flyer has
declared the end of the flight say after the catagory flight limit or his
choice earlier, then he may turn on the transmitter to keep it on the field.
Possibly on a non R/C assist frequency, 27mc or other. Just a thought. There
is even newer technology now that solves the frequency problem.
Ed Mate

Well Ed,
I have nothing to do with that but I agree with you as much as I hate the
idea. The fact is we're in a changing world and if FF is going to survive
some sort of RC limitation will I'm sure eventually become necessary.

Who has to do with it please Randy? So I can pursue it. Would you also
pursue it so FF can survive?
Well Ed, the memberships of those organizations. Rules changes need to be
written, campaigned and passed. It will not be easy.
WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS? It is our survival. Should we pursue this to
survive? Ed Mate

Stonehenge Results

F1A Rd.1Rd.2Rd.3Rd.4Rd.5Rd.1Rd.2Rd.3Total

M.Kosonozhkin RUS 240 180 180 180 180 260 1220
M.Cook GBR 240 180 180 180 180 257 1217
P.Williams GBR 240 180 180 180 180 207 1167
D.Bartle GBR 240 180 180 180 180 194 1154
E.Ragot FRA 240 180 180 180 180 179 1139
J.Pennington GBR 240 180 180 180 180 173 1133
C.Edge GBR 240 180 180 180 180 172 1132
P.Findahl SWE 240 180 180 180 180 170 1130
B.Trachez FRA 240 180 180 180 180 158 1118
A.Ball GBR 240 180 180 180 180 157 1117
W.Colledge GBR 240 180 180 180 180 154 1114
J.Carter GBR 240 180 180 180 180 147 1107
D.Findahl (Jnr) SWE 240 180 180 180 180 136 1096
A.Jack GBR 240 180 180 180 180 107 1067
J.P.Challine FRA 240 180 180 180 180 90 1050
S.Holmbom (L) SWE 240 180 180 180 180 58 1018
M.Dilly GBR 240 180 180 180 179 959
P.Ball GBR 240 180 180 180 173 953
P.Rovensky SVK 224 180 180 180 180 944
A.Crisp GBR 240 180 180 180 162 942
V.Groguenec FRA 222 180 180 180 180 942
M.Holmbom SWE 240 180 180 153 180 933
M.Fantham GBR 240 150 180 180 180 930
M.Cuthbert GBR 202 180 180 180 180 922
J.Sion FRA 201 180 180 180 180 921
J.Cooper GBR 240 180 134 180 141 875
D.Oldfield GBR 240 164 107 180 180 871
T.Nicholson GBR 149 180 142 180 180 831
B.Taylor (Jnr) GBR 213 180 162 80 180 815
S.Darmon GBR 137 180 180 180 119 796
K.Best (L) GBR 133 180 180 79 180 752
N.Bosdet GBR 52 113 180 180 180 705

[Mikhail's sucess was undoubtably due to the great positive
Karma rom the Magic Shirt he was wearing :-)]

F1B Rd.1Rd.2Rd.3Rd.4Rd.5Rd.1Rd.2Rd.3Total

M.Woolner GBR 180 180 150 150 150 420 600 4202250
V.Vivchar UKR 180 180 150 150 150 420 600 2762106
H.Van Hoorn NED 180 180 150 150 150 420 257 01487
B.Martin GBR 180 180 150 150 150 360 1170
D.Billam (Jnr) GBR 180 180 150 150 150 219 1029
K.Salzer AUT 180 180 150 150 150 189 999
G.Stringer GBR 180 169 150 150 150 799
C.Chapman GBR 180 180 150 132 150 792
W.Feyth NED 180 161 150 150 150 791
G.Willemsen NED 180 180 150 130 150 790
P.Martin GBR 180 180 126 150 150 786
M.Seifert GER 154 180 150 150 150 784
M.Evatt GBR 180 133 150 150 150 763
M.Woodhouse GBR 175 148 133 150 150 756
D.Greaves GBR 130 180 140 150 150 750
R.Morrell USA 148 147 150 150 150 745
S.Darmon GBR 180 180 150 139 96 745
P.Ruyter NED 180 180 150 80 150 740
V.Greimel (L) AUT 180 180 150 105 117 732
R.Peers GBR 180 93 150 150 150 723
O.Findahl (Jnr) SWE 180 97 129 150 150 706
N.Cliff GBR 180 180 32 138 150 680
E.Challis GBR 150 97 150 145 137 679
N.Bosdet GBR 180 72 150 123 55 580
J.Whitby GBR 110 66 21 87 77 361
R.Jones GBR 180 180 0 0 0 360
R.Cheesley GBR 180 0 0 0 0 180

[Note that Both Mike Mike Woolner and Vladimir Vivchar made the
the 10 min flyoff time ar 8:30 in the morning .. and that this stretched
the capacity of their clockwork timers ! so that neither D/T'd. But
the drift was minimal. Henk had his model set for truely calm conditions
so stalled in the light bibble that appeared that launch time.]

F1C Rd.1Rd.2Rd.3Rd.4Rd.5Rd.1Rd.2Rd.3Total

S.Screen GBR 180 180 150 150 150 342 1152
J.Cuthbert GBR 180 180 150 150 150 314 1124
A.Jack GBR 180 180 150 150 150 200 1010
K.Faux GBR 180 85 150 150 150 715
P.Rowledge GBR 98 0 0 0 0 98

T.Grey GBR 180 170 150 150 67 717
P.Lang GBR 178 121 53 150 0 502

Skyscraper's 40th Challenge May 27-28, 2006
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roger, Below you will find information regarding the captioned which we
would appreciate your giving as much publicity as possible by spreading
the word to as many free flighters as you can. Thanks for your help.

Themals, Tom Fennell


Here is a reminder of the Skyscraper 40th Challenge over Memorial Day
weekend at Wawayanda, New York. The following lists the contest details.

In keeping with our tradition we make a special effort to attract the FAI
Free Flight Community to our International Challenge. This mailing is to
a list I put together for those with FAI interests (subsequent mailings
will be for various other lists and will highlight the AMA, Nostalgia,
SAM, and FAC events).

Note that the SkyScraper Challenge (MAY 27-28) is the first of three
America's Cup contests at Barron Field this year. The other two are the
Eastern U.S. Free Flight Champs (JUNE 10-11, run by Joe Wagner, email him
at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the EUSFFC schedule) and the Skyscrapers 70th
Anniversary Annual (JULY 1-2, with the same events and schedule as the
challenge). All three are held in little over a month period, because
this is when the field and surroundings are at their best. The whole
schedule for the year can be accessed at

scrolling down to the heading 2006 Wawayanda Free Flight Contest Schedule

Andrew Barron (Host),
Tom Fennell (Challenge CD),
Dennis Phalen (Challenge FAI CD)

Skyscraper's 40th Challenge
American Cup, National Cup
FAI, AMA, Nostalgia

May 27-28, 2006
Barron, Ford, and Shuback Fields
Wawayanda, New York
FAI Events: Dennis Phelan FAI CD

Saturday May 27:
F1G (small rubber), F1H (small glider), F1J (small power). 120 sec maxes.
F1P (small power, 10 sec motor run, 180 sec max, weather permitting);
F1Q (electric, 20 second motor run, 150 second max). The field
situation may necessitate max reduction to 120 seconds and possible
motor run reduction to 7 seconds for F1P.
Round 1: 9:30-11:00am
Round 2: 10:30-12:00
Round 3: 11:30- 1:00
Round 4: 12:30- 2:00pm
Round 5: 1:30- 3:00pm
Flyoffs: 3:15pm --

Sunday Morning May 28:
FAI events: F1A (glider), F1B (wakefield), F1C (power).
Round 1: 7:00- 8:30am Max 240 sec (weather permitting)
Round 2: 8:00- 9:30am Max 180 sec
Round 3: 9:00-10:30am Max TBA
Round 4: 10:00-11:30am
Round 5: 11:00-12:30pm
Round 6: 12:00-1:30pm
Round 7: 1:00-2:30pm
AMA, NFFS, and SAM events. Tom Fennell CD

Saturday May 27: 9am--4:30pm. [Awards at 4:30pm.]
Hand Launch Glider, 1/2A Gas, ABC Classic,
ABC Nostalgia, Mulvihill, Classic Towline, Payload.
Old timer ignition/cabin (combined),
Nostalgia Wake/Rubber (combined).

Early Sunday, May 28:
Dawn Unlimited (Gather with CDs at 6:45am on field
for ground rules). Launch window (7:00 to 7:15am).

Sunday, May 28: 8am to 3:30pm. [Awards at 3:30pm.]
Catapult Glider, 1/2 A Classic, 1/2 A Nostalgia,
P-30 Rubber, Pee-Wee 30 Power,
E-36 (the new NFFS electric entry event),
Spitball (ROW, one design event).

Open fliers pay $30 ($10 field use fee, plus $20 entry).
Juniors and Seniors pay $15 total ($10 field use plus $5 entry).

In giving awards, Juniors are recognized both for how they
finish among themselves and among the open fliers. Special
Junior trophies for F1A, HLG, Cat Glider, P-30, Mulvihill,
1/2A Classic, and Nostalgia Gas.

National Cup: All the junior national cup events
are included as separate sanctioned events, and the
results will be reported as such. Likewise for the various
classic and nostalgia open events.

The field is on Orange County Route 12, in Wawayanda, NY,
six miles south of Route 17M (which runs between I-84 in
Middletown and Route 17 in Goshen).

The silo at the entrance to the field has been removed,
but we will have the welcoming Barron Field sign there.
You will know you have arrived at the right place on
Route 12 when just south of Gardnersville Road you
see the large field opposite of Goodness Gardens.

Memorial week is a traditional graduation week, and
WestPoint can fill many hotels in the area. The following
sites are in approximate order of distance from field:

Days Inn on 17M in Middletown, exit 3, east, off I-84.
Global Budget Inn of America on 17M, also exit 3 off I-84.
Super 8 at exit 120 off Highway 17 (exit 4, west, off I-84).
Middletown Motel on Rt. 211, exit 120 off HWY 17
(exit 4W, I-84). 845-342-2535.
Howard Johnson's, Rt. 211, exit 120 off HWY 17
(exit 4W, I-84). 845-342-5822.
Chateau Hathorn, where Rt. 1A ends at Rt. 94, Warwick.
Holiday Inn at exit 4, east, off I-84, exit 122 off HWY 17.
Hampton Inn at exit 4, east, off I-84, exit 122 off HWY 17.
Courtyard Marriot at exit 4, east, off I-84, exit 122 off HW 17.
Super 8, exit 5 off I-84. 13 miles northeast of Middletown.
Days Inn at Mcafee, about 13 miles from the field.
Several Hotels at exit 6 off I-84, Route 17K. 18 miles
northeast of Middletown. Including: Clarion, Howard
Johnson, Courtyard Marriot, Days Inn, Comfort Inn.
There are also several Hotels at exit 1 off I-84 to the
southwest in Port Jervis about 30 minutes from the field.

You are also welcome to camp at the field.

Omarama, NZ
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Before memory fades too far, I want to recommend a trip to New Zealand and
flying with everyone at Omarama. I suggest all FAI flyers go at least
once in your life and spend time touring a spectacular country. You won't
be disappointed as there seems to be a photo op at every turn in the road,
although those of us used to driving on the right have to stay focused so
may miss a few things. Super hospitality everywhere and particularly so
with our Kiwi Free Flight hosts. Only downside was that the cafes that had
lattes did not open until 7:30 am and of coarse we were on the flight line
by that time....bummer. We would meet at the Pub after a day of flying
and then decide on a location for dinner with not a Denneys anywhere.
Real food, yippee! It was big fun.

On a side note, I did a demo tour of the Evergreen Aviation Musem,
in Mc Minnville, OR and suggest those that might be coming to the Tangent
Classic & Northwest FAI Challenge, give yourself an extra day to check
it out. Much more than just the Spruce Goose and it has a wine bar
right there. Free Flighters are great....thanks to all.

Mike Roberts

Roger Morrell