SEN 97-08 - 11 Aug 1997

SCAT Electronic News 11 Aug Issue 97-08

Firstly applogies to non - Wakefield flyers about all this rubber talk.  It
seemed to be taking a large part of my time over the last week or so. Now
I hope I can get it to go as well in Sazena as we have been at Elsinore.

We do not get together as much as we did in the past with meetings every two
weeks .. so this can be an important way of keeping in touch with each

We're going to try and e-mail you some Team news from Prague if we can
find a Cyber Cafe with Internet access near the University. There are a
number in Prague. I have some difficulty in trying to do more than one
thing at a time and flying is more important but will work on it.

I saw Don Zink at Elsinore on Saturday, he looked pretty much ready. I
think he just went for breakfast at Annie's cafe. We tried some of the new
rubber and it looked very good. We also did some simple tests on how far
it can be wound .. and found out that too. It is more fragile than most other
stuff but it does get the model up very high.

Norm's vacation came at the right time, he did some last minute model
processsing, hub debugging, and lathe work for me ... and Mica filming for
Randy. If Randy and Martyn are trying to emulate Mike Fantham's 1993
feat of finishing the model the night before, they should have slowed down,
it looks like they finished the new airplanes before they left home !
Martyn did report than he flew one of his new ships at Lost Hills the
weekend before last and from the first flight ever did 18 flight of which 14
were maxes. I think this is his first composite F1A.

I think that there is SCAT meeting this month but have to admit that seeing I
was to be out of town I lost track of where and when. No doubt Norm will
keep you all informed.

Roger Morrell

P.S. don't forget Cusick's party !!!!!!!!!!!