SEN 97-07 - 7 Aug 1997

SEN 97-07 7 August 1997

Even Later Rubber News

We have been scrambling to get some rubber and test it before the World
Champs. This has been hampered by the UPS strike . John Clapp at FAI
made a big effort to ship boxes to team members by alternate methods ..
which were more expensive, time consuming and subject to problems such
as bomb threats ..

I've gotten a little grief from some people about not sharing some of this
knowledge .. it's a little hard to give accurate information when you do not
know it .. and when you are trying to get it together for Sazena. Remember
that when you are on the leading edge you always find a few bumps. ..

After having tested the rubber my self I think that it indeed is very good.
But I still have not flown it significantly. However I am certain that it will
not work in high temperatures. I have done an 80 pound stretch test at
about 82 degrees and had a motor disintergrate. At lower temperatures
[which are a bit hard to find at the moment in the LA area] its much more
stable. What has to be determined is this what is the safe temperature ....
My guess is that the Labor Day FF Champs at Lost Hills will be too hot for
this rubber..

John Clapp will be going to the manufacturer to get them to tweak the
formula a little to make it a bit more resistant to the heat.

Roger Morrell