SEN 97-06 - 4 Aug 1997

SEN 97-06 4 August 1997

Latest Rubber News ..

Thje latest Rubber news is that FAI has produced a new batch, that uses a
slightly different formula. This batch tests very high, right up there with
Aug 93, possibly even better. However at the time of writing this not many
people have flown with it. A number of the testers broke [more than usual]
strands during testing and it appears to be sensitive to heat. [Like Aug
93?]. For those who think that the color is important this rubber is a 'right'
pale color. It does appear to, on average a little thinner than normal.

I understand that John Clapp and Ivan Horesj will have some of this at the
World Champs, which is good for many of the European flyers as some
are out of rubber.

The Rubber Company brought in some outside consultants to help so the
cost will be higher at $135 a 10 pound box. I think that the old price was

Roger Morrell