SEN 97-04 - 30 Jul 1997

Scat Electronic News 30 July 1997 Issue 97-04

 There was an informal Team practice at Lost Hills last weekend with
Blake and Gene Jensen, Jerry Fitch, Lee Hines, George Batiuk, Roger
Morrell and Don Zink. The weather was good, a little windy saturday
evening but otherwise very good. It did not go over 100 during the hotest
part of the day, but most people went went in for brief siesta. A lot of
people turned up to help and fly. .. Alexander Andruikov was there too
trimming a new short model. The team models all seemed to go well with
out any major problems. Thanks from the Team members to those who
turned up to help.

Noteable events included Bob White getting out one of his Wakefields to
show us whippersnappers how to do it .. which he did by nailing a great
thermal in the traditional White style.

While not an FAI model, Norm Furutani flew his 1/2 ATexaco .. flew too
well and hovered over the vinyard for over half an hour after the d/t went
off and ended up on the middle of a ploughed field. Just as well that Al
Hotard does not get this news letter Norm !

Bob White also test flew his '39 Roy Marquardt Wake, complete with the
octagonal fuselage, eliptical dihederal and twin fins [naturally]. Flys

Lee Hines had a lost and found day with is model disappearing twice but
fortunately ending up found.

The team t-shirts came from Martyn, they look great, now we have to fly
as well as we look.

The worst omen for the up coming fall season was that the itchicus seems
to be a bumper crop this year, hopefully the hordes at the FF Champs will
trample it all down.

I've had another call from the TV producer doing the story on the Rubber
Bandit. It seems to be hotting up. She is planning of filming Bob Piserchio
testing rubber and people flying F1B rubber models. This should be in the
fall when we return from the World Champs. We want to have a big turn
out for the flying session so will try and pick a good date. We have to
decide if we would film a special flying session at Elsinore or at meeting
like Livotto's FAI Invitational.