SEN 2539 - Fab Feb and USA-FAI update

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Fab Feb and USA-FAI update

  1. FAI Licenses for USA
  2. Fab Feb Flash
  3. More on C
  4. In response ..

FAI Licenses for USA

With the change in FAI licenses that we have noted in earlier issues of SEN. They are now only issued for USA flyers by the NAA, no longer the AMA, and through the NAA web site at
The AMA has helped some members go through this process, but you should go directly to the NAA site and do it your self.

Fab Feb Flash

Weather great
No wind
Green grass
Lots of people
And if you haven’t signed up you should be at the Lost Hills Community Center NOW with your licenses
Also T-shirts there
And Rubber for those who pre-ordered

More on C

From: themaxout

This F1C timing thing is becoming a problem with human intervention (human reaction), sound, and some other stuff related to the tolerance plus/minus in the whole scenario.  4 second is pushing the human environment tolerances of reaction time and other stuff.  I used to participate in road rallies where when you showed up at a test course starting line and they took your odometer reading and then ran you through a prescribed road course and took your mileage reading again at the end of the check course.  They then used the readings of your odometer to the actual "mileage" of the test course to determine a factor which was ultimately used to determine your actual mileage and time in the rally. What has this to do with F1C timing? ... well, it seems to me that F1C pushing to an electronic timer system (to be determined) ala F1S or E36 where the timer might be "calibrated" on the ground (actual methods to be determined) by contest officials and then used in the flying.  And, yes, this requires a lot of officials work, but don't they measure motor piston diameters and stroke too.  F1Q has pre-contest measurements of Joules to determine motor runs... mostly on a trust me basis when actually flying.How complex can we make this?  I'm sure there is a solution.

Rick Pangell - NFFS Central VP
Editor of "The Max-Out" Newsletter of
The Magnificent Mountain Men FF Club of Colorado

In response ..
To a question about a previous SEN , Strine is the language spoken in Straylia