SEN 1901

Table of Contents - SEN 1901

  1. NFFS Pubs
  2. WCUP timekeepers
  3. Remembering Victor

NFFS Pubs Reminder

NFFS Publications has a 2001 Sympo for sale along with many others. These are used books and sell for $10 per copy plus shipping of $5.60 in the USA. A complete and (nearly ) up to date listing of these books and others csn be found on the NFFS website (
Bob Stalick (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Agreement on the timekeepers

I agree with Vegar's comments regarding timekeepers. There was some unwelcome hassle in the recent Romania events in the later rounds. The way that Vegar states is the way to go. The organisers provide a single timekeeper to control, monitor etc the pole. The flyers help and assist each other and fly at will during the round. We run the UK events on this basis and it works well.

Michael Woodhouse
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Remembering Victor

Dear Freeflight friends,

Silent remembrance on Aug,24th  – “In our eyes it is still flying …“

the 1st anniversary day of Victor Stamov death on August, 24th will be the day after the Worldcup IZET KURTALIC competition in Bosanski Petrovac/ Bosnia.

Exactly at the time in round 6 (11:00 – 11:45am), in which Victor started and not finished his last flight, will be remembered him at the place, where he fell down with the line in his hand, in a modest and appropriate manner. A black stone monument (see picture, which is designed in memory of Victor by Mirsad Kapetanovic, will be placed at Victor’s last starting pole Nr.6, which will be free at WC contest the day before. For more infos look under

Proclamation to fly VSM anywhere else around the globe
You all can try to go out this morning of August, 24th or other day anywhere in the world for VSM flying as a sign of solidarity as part of this great freeflight family. More Infos to find under


Roger Morrell