SEN 1638

Table of Contents - SEN 1638

  1. Mylar
  2. Icarex
  3. AMA FAI Prog ?
  4. SEN April Tradition




I’m sure that most know that FAI MODEL SUPPLY has a fairly complete line of

¼ mil clear and metalized, 1/3 mil clear, ½ mil clear and metalized, 1 mil

We also have two thicknesses of indoor Mylar.

We also have wing covering Mylar in various colors.

Regards, John

Editor's comment - Some of my F1B friends have tried the new 1/3 mil that John stocks and found it to be much more durable that the 1/4 mil they were using for covering their stabs and only .1 or .2 of a gram heavier.

Icarex PC31

Hi Roger,

Someone mentioned in SEN that Into the Wind sold Icarex...well they no longer sell it.

Editors Comment - Note John Clapp/FAI Model supply's notice a little while back that they now stock the light weight "Icarex"

ALERT: see Mod Av Page 6 for FAI program future..


Yes, Bob Brown, AMA Prez, in the current May 2012 issue of Model
Aviation [page 6], states: "...FAI program is costly. ...budget 
moves to this expense..."

You might like to read this and forward to all FAI interested parties
that you now.

[For Roger M & SEN: you might want to scan/copy that notice for SEN?]

Ciao,  A concerned Leeper

SEN April Tradition

A number of years ago Anselmo Zeri started a tradition in writing an 1 April article for SEN.  This has been ablely taken over by Allard van Wallene, a work mate of Anselmo's and Chris Edge.  This years masterpiece from over the Edge of Beyond really had a number of people going, so much so that we have to assure you that no birds were injured or abused in the writing of the article.

Roger Morrell