SEN 1641

Table of Contents - SEN 1641

  1. Vince Burton passes
  2. Squatter offical ?
  3. Seriously?
  4. Matilda's Squatter ?
  5. Brit FFF available from NFFS for the USA
  6. Palm Fix

Many of you who fly SAM Events know Vince Burton. Yesterday, May 3rd , he 
passed away in Louisiana. Vince was an outstanding builder and flyer. His
Jimmie  Allen Spartan Bomber won the Concours Event at this years SAM CHAMPS
and  appeared in the latest issue of Flying Models .  Vince was also a mentor
to  many of us, myself included. He will be missed by many. Our hearts go
out to his  Son and extended Family.  He was the consummate Builder/Flyer.
Roger Willis.. WESTFAC
The Squatter official  rules

Yes, Roger, you are correct.
Since I happen to be the one who christened Ben's father as "Squatter",
that upstart son of his  was given the lesser title of
"Son of Squatter", just to make sure he knew his ranking order.
He may use an alternate handle: "Squatteroo". 

I hope this puts the final official stamp on this agregious matter.
If not, well there is always McK the WC and his ebola viral afraid
Son of Squatter , be very afraid...
Ciao from The Leeper, Official Moniker-giver 


Yes Ben, seriously for a moment, welcome back to our humble FF community &
congratulations on your two AM Cup wins!

Well done, 
Ol' Leeper
[Shoot! I meant to call you Squatteroo...]


                Squatter is an Australian  term for a bloke who does that.
                UKI from Oz

Soo... is a squatteroo a bounding squatter >

Free Flight Forum available from NFFS

The newly announced 2012 BMFA FF Forums will once again be sold in the US
by the NFFS. They are currently   being printed and will be available for
purchase near the end of May. As in the past, the cost of the 2012 issue
remains at $25 per copy plus shipping cost of $5.50. The 2011 FF Forum is still
available, also at $25 per copy, and can be paired with the 2012 version at no
extra cost for shipping. Order from NFFS Publications Services, PO Box
1775, Albany, OR 97321. Make checks out to NFFS. You may also order online at <>, when you see the 2012 issue listed there.
Inquire at <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> for more information.

Palm Fix,

My Palm IIIe started eating  AAA batteries-- fresh set of batteries would last only 3 days. After some web surfing, I learned that this veracious battery consumption and the lost of data during battery change is the result of a bad capacitor. It is a large capacitor, .4" dia, .15" tall-- easily identified and easy to de-solder and replace. I took a capacitor from a broken Palm III and replaced the one in the battery eater. Works like new now.


Thermals,  JIM
Roger Morrell