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What if ?


had a look at the Team selection leaflet. Very detailed and all info there.
But what if the first and second day winner is the same participant (there is always a remote possibility)? Following the rules to the letter will result in a team with 2 members as the 'tie' rules are only specified for third spot:

 Team Member #1 is the winner of the first day contest.
 Team Member #2 is the winner of the second day contest
 Team member #3 is the lowest total placement score from the first and second
day contests.
Example: 2nd + 2nd = 4, 2nd + 3rd = 5

If a tie exists for the #3 Team Member or Alternate:
 First tie breaker shall be the total time of all regular rounds from the two contest
days.2012 FAI USA Team Selection Finals | Bulletin 2
7 of 9
 Second tie breaker, if required, shall be the total time of all regular rounds plus all
fly-off rounds.
 Third tie-breaker, if required, shall be a fly-off.

met vriendelijke groeten, with kind regards,

Allard van Wallene
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I'm glad that the US Team selection process is providing you with some interlectual challenges  :-).  The case you mention would not happen because the winner of the first contest will not fly in the second, so winners 1 and 2 will be different people.  This is not mentioned in Bulletin #2 but is in the full description of the Team Selection program, on the NFFS web site,  where it says ....

"Once a person is declared a Team Member that person will cease participating in that class."

But this is a reminder for US participants that queries should be addressed to the TSC or to the the CD Aimee Schroedter (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Some of the more eagle  eyed will have spotted that I'm the head jurist for the event but my responsibilities do not start until the event has started so it is important to send you questions to Aimee.

Q Stuff

I see from the press that BFMA are preparing a change to the F1Q rules for non-EL airplanes

F1Q Electric - Revision of energy Limiter / nonenergy
limiter specifications
3.5.Q (BMFA Class F1Q) and 3.Q.2 (Full FAI Class F1Q)
A proposal to CIAM is being prepared to change the rule
wording for energy limiter equipped models, and the wording
for measurement of non-energy limiter models from "Wattage
measured at full power" to "Wattage measured 10 seconds after
motor start-up".

I also see from the NFFS web site that others are also looking at submitting changes .

Seeing that the last lot of changes caught some people by surprise, generated a lot complaining and ill feeling  maybe the Q guys need to get coordinated.

It does appear that the GB proposal would over come the disparity for non-EL equipped models as 10 seconds into the motor run the high initial peak has dropped off, or so those who know more than me say.

Equinox drags all ways

Equinox Cup results :- from FB

A: 1st J. Carter (M&K Short), 2nd CHE (MDA), 3rd, P. Williams (HDA)
B: 1st P. Brown (LDA), 2nd R.Peers (AA), 3rd E. Tyson
C: 1st M. Lester (straight drive), 2nd R. Jack (geared flapper), 3rd P. Rowledge (straight drive)

At the wind limit at times but no real problems. Excellent training for the next team selction event.

    Roger Morrell Is an MDA an LDA covered in Harris Tweed or some similar Scottish fabric?
    Tony Mathews And what's an HDA? Inquiring minds.....