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  1. Arizona Champs
  2. LDA Covering

Arizona Champs

On Dec. 3 and 4 the Arizona FF Championships will be held in Eloy. This year we plan to set up flying operations on the western half of our 1/2 x 1.0 mile tract of land. Some crops have been planted near the field on the south and east sides of the field.  We need to respect these areas. Our current plan is to set up an east - west flight line, wind permitting.  Parking will be determined as we get closer to the weekend. There is a detailed map posted on our website: 
For the 2 information fliers for the AZ Champs go to and click on the blue Arizona Free Flight Championships.
Questions - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Covering for LDA F1A wings?- From FB
Tapio Linkosalo

Most people seem to use shiny mylar foils; is Icarex totally out of question? It just would have so much better colors, especially black which I prefer on my undersides. Last Saturday I saw Matti L. fly his new LDA model, which was covered in Icared, and that seemed to go pretty well, however he did not have a logger onboard so I do not know how high his launches were. Any comments / experiences?

Tony Mathews We talked to Roland about this in Argentina. For the climb I think that a smooth finish could be better, although he was not so convinced (he felt that some roughness might be beneficial even for the climb ala gold ball dimples). But for the glide a "textured" or slightly rough surface finish seems beneficial for the F1A LDA models. roland uses a shiny covering (Fibafilm) but sprays the covered wing with a Matte, acrylic enamal clear spray to achieve the desired surface roughness. I think that Icarex on the top and mylar on the bottom might be a good choice. I see that M&K are using the lighter weight (rectangular pattern and smoother) Icarex for their new LDA model. So no, Icarex is not out of the question imo.

Chris Edge I've used Icarex on the top and Oracover on the bottom of mine (see my profile photo). The Icarex is of course put on at the magic angle. I suspect you need a different Icarex angle for the high speed climb compared to the low speed glide but haven't figured out a way to do that yet. CHE

Tapio Linkosalo ‎"Magic angle" is 45 degrees?

I'd still prefer Icared also on bottom for the black color, and then I could make the top all white. Maybe the bottom should be doped - in the Baby'Al wings I got from Vasi a few years ago, the bottom was painted to get the desired pink color, and that was much smoother than plain Icarex.

Roger Morrell