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Table of Contents - SEN 1601

  1. Looking for the 2011 sympo
  2. NZ World Cup info
  3. Zaic Awards - preliminary info
  4. Election results

Looking for the 2011 sympo

I just talked with John at FAI and he suggested I sign up for your SEN newsletter and said maybe you would know of or could post a search question for the purchase of the 2011 Free Flight Symposium.  NFFS is out!

Dennis Bickel <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

NZ World Cup corrections and comments

There is document from the CIAM circulating with 2012 World Cup information. This has the entry fee for the New Zealand World Cup events, both at Omarama and Lost Hills as 70 Euro.  This is not correct and while it might be an indicator of a future devaluation of the Euro....  Rob Wallace, the organizer of the Omarama Events says it will be $45NZ  [about 25 euro and 35 $US].  The Kiwi Cup at Lost Hills will be inline with other events in the USA.

The correct entry fee will be announced shortly on the flyers for the events  in $NZ for the Omarama events and in $US for the Kiwi Cup at Lost Hills.  However if you are a FAI sportsman who believes that everything has to be done in Euros, I'm sure the organizers of the events will be pleased to take the 70 euros, if you insist.

The flyer with full information on the Isaacson Winter Classic and the Kiwi Cup will be available  "real soon now". But in the mean time to encourage you to rummage in the attic over the holiday period....

Zaic Awards - preliminary information

The Isaacson Winter Classic and Kiwi World Cup will offer the Zaic awards in the following FAI Classes: F1A, B, C, H, G, J and Q. This is an additional award that is part of the regular event. The award is for person with the best result who has a model that conforms to the current rules for the class but is subject to some additional constraints. For example in F1A the model cannot bunt. So the Zaic award for F1A would go the the flyer with the top non-bunting F1A model. This award says that it is OK to take part in an event that is World Cup/America's cup with a model that does not have all the bells and whistles. This object is to encourage more people to take part and fly with the big names to gain more experience or just for fun. We see people using older models or maybe new models built with model techniques but perhaps more appropriate for beginners or occasional flyers. Note that you can use a model from an older era when the model specs were different but it must conform to current specs. So, for example Jon Davis can get that Groovy Tuna down from the attic but he must use a 30 gram motor, not a 40 like he had when he first flew the model and the model must be up to the current weight.

Remember this is Free Flight and the thermal you put that glider in does not know if you bought it from M&K or Stamov, how much carbon is in the wing, if you molded the carbon wing yourself, if the d/t timer is a fuse, clockwork or electronic, if you built it from a Dragmaster kit, or cut all those ribs by hand …

Clearly this is aimed more at the glider and rubber classes than power, but I have seen John Sheppard flying his original Cranfield 1960 joint winner Glow Worm in the same F1C event as Evgeny Verbitsky with his modern airplanes and John, and Evgeny for that matter were clearly enjoying themselves. Yes and John did max the model off a 5 second engine run with the original Eta 15 diesel.


The model must conform to the current rules for the event.

All Classes – no bunt, no flappers, no folders

F1A – No additional constraints
F1B – No VP prop, No start delay , max of 2 functions plus d/t
F1C – No geared motors, max of 2 functions plus d/t
F1H – No additional constraints
F1G – No VP prop, no start delay, no moveable surface other than d/t
F1J – No geared motors, max of two functions plus D/T
F1Q – No moveable surface other than D/T

Why called Zaic Awards? Frank Zaic was a member of SCAT and represented the USA with his Wakefields in World Champs. Frank's activities over the years were aimed at sharing knowledge and encouraging participation. That is the object of these awards.

What this is not. This is not intended to replace or compete with Classic Glider, Nos Wakefield or Vintage FAI power. It is not an alternate the restricted technology F1 classes as proposed by the UK. It is not providing a performance helper to simpler models.

Double entry: In discussing this idea with some flyers they have indicated that they would like to fly both their latest full house model and another model they retrieved from the attic, built for classic glider, they can do his but must nominate before the start of the event which model will qualify for World and/or Americas Cup points. The second model will be excluded from the World and/or Americas Cup points allocaion and the number of particpnts in that event. They can win the event with either airplane.


NFFS 2011 Election Results

The ballots have been counted - and the winners are!


1. John Lorbiecki 
  2.   Jerry Murphy

VP Central Region

1. Bob Hanford
    2.  Faust Parker


and at the AMA

Academy elects new president, Bob Brown, to lead AMA

For the FAI sportsman, Bob has been a long supporter of the FAI programs in all disciplines.


Roger Morrell