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  1. World Champs 2011
  2. Skyscraper International
  3. Lost Hills memorial day Weekend Clarification
  4. Looking for F1G Prop Info
  5. RV Rentals for Outrageous October

World Champs 2011

On our way home I was looking at my pictures and reflecting on what a great experience it has been to bring 35 countries together for competition. To see old friends and make new ones, experience cultures, (eating at 8:30-9:00) our normal bedtime, traditions and new food. I want to personally thank Blake Jensen and Tiffany for their tireless effort as team manager and special attention to all details. Special thanks for Hector Diaz as our team interpreter. I also want to thank my team members from all over our country that made a team effort. I want to thank my wife Janna for being my helper and personal advisor. Last but not least I would like to thank the organizer. So much goes into a world championship seeing to all the small details. This is such big task with little thanks. My hats off to you Daniel to seeing to all the details and making this a memorable world champs.

After World Champs, Janna and I, along with Jim and Cathy Parker spent a week driving all around and taking in sites. That alone was also a team effort with a GPS, travel book, 2 maps and asking a lot of questions. We took the scenic route which took us thru a national park of red rock like Sedona on a major highway which was really a dirt, single lane road. At one point both cars were thinking about how we were going to spend the night in our cars and how much food snacks we had left. Needless to say the road eventually turned back into an asphalt road and we did find an hotel. Well back to reality tomorrow.

I know that each flyer's dream is to be on the team and I hope that I will have another opportunity to represent the USA in France 2013

Brian Van Nest


Free Flight Friends,

You are invited to the Skyscraper International Challenge at Barron field near Middletown, NY, May 28-May 29, for FAI, AMA, NFFS, and FAC free flight events.  The Skyscraper International Challenge is one of the longest running major Free Flight events in the U.S. with FAI emphasis, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Bob Hatchek, drawing notable competitors from oversees on several occasions, and routinely drawing a contingent from Canada.  It an America's Cup and National Cup event (and next year may be a World Cup FAI, as Andrew, Dave, and Aram have been working toward that end).  The meet is held at our field in Wawayanda, NY, at the time of year when the field is at its best, with 770 contiguous acres of perfectly flat field available and a nearly as large amount on the other side of a narrow tree line, in a four mile wide farm valley of the Walkill.  Golf carts are made available for retrieval, especially for those who come from a distance (just let me know you are coming). Moreover, it is an excellent time of year to visit the NYC area. The schedule of events is given below; it is the same as last year.  FAI competitors, please note the round schedule.  AMA, NFFS fliers note the customary slate of fun events, now offered both days, with dates as specified if your flying is counted for National Cup.  There are FAC events run by Ed Pelatowski as also detailed below.

Remember also that the Wilbur and Orville spring contest is June 11-12,
the Skyscraper Annual is June 25-26 (both also at Barron field in Wawayanda, New York), and the Wilbur and Orville America's Cup meet is August 20-21 this year.  The western NY fliers have encouraged me to announce that the Geneseo FAI AMCup flying will be at their Great Grapes FF meet Sept 17-18 (as it was last year). Further contest listings and directions to Barron Field are at


Andrew Barron and Dave Acton

America's Cup and National Cup

May 28 - May 29, 2011

Barron, Ford, and Shuback Fields
Wawayanda, New York

Saturday May 28: Americas Cup Competition
F1G (rubber),F1H(glider),F1J(power) five rounds, 120 sec max.
F1Q (electric, seven rounds, 15 sec motor run, 180 sec max).
Saturday May 28:
Round 1:  9:30-11:00am
Round 2: 10:30-12:00
Round 3: 11:30-1:00pm
Round 4: 12:30-2:00pm
Round 5:  1:30-3:00pm
Rd 6:F1Q  2:30-4:00pm
Rd 7:F1Q  3:30-5:00pm

Sunday May 29: Americas Cup Competition
F1A(glider), F1B(wake), F1C(power), F1P(power)
Round 1: 7:30-   9:00am Max 240 sec
Round 2: 8:30-  10:00am Max 180 sec
Round 3: 9:30-  11:00am
Round 4: 10:30- 12:00
Round 5: 11:30-  1:00pm
Round 6: 12:30-  2:00pm
Round 7:  1:30-  3:00pm

Contest Director: Dave Acton 914-393-7491 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Field Marshall: Andrew Barron 203-248-5386 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Turn in scores between each flight.

National Cup Competition: (Note, national cup events are included as
separate sanctioned events, and results will be reported as such. For
national cup purposes the flying is to be on the day specified.)

For local award purposes several of the events are COMBINED and flying in
each event may be on EITHER DAY, with all flying by a contestant in one
event to be completed within the day he or she chooses.

EVENTS: (Either Day) Hand Launch Glider, Catapult Glider, Mulvihill, P-30,
Classic Towline, E-36, Electric B, Pee-Wee 30 gas, 1/4A Nostalgia and .020
Oldtime replica combined, 1/2A and AB Classic and Nostalgia combined, Cloud
Tramp, Tom Boy (time target).

Dawn Unlimited (Launch Window 6:45-7:00am, Sunday Morning).

National Cup Schedule: Saturday May 28:  9am-5:00pm. Hand Launch Glider, Mulvihill, 1/2A Classic, AB Classic, 1/4A Nostalgia.

National Cup Schedule: Sunday May 29: 8am to 3:00pm. Catapult Glider, Classic Towline, P-30, Electric B, E-36, 1/2 A Nostalgia, AB Nostalgia.

Awards for both days are at 3:15pm Sunday.

Open fliers pay $25 ($10 field use fee, plus $15 entry which covers
unlimited number of AMA, NFFS, and FAI events). Juniors and Seniors pay $15
total ($10 field use plus $5 entry).

Bryton Barron trophy for best junior performance by a model of the junior's
own construction.


Flying Aces Club (FAC) Meet:
Ed Pelatwoski, CD, 5 Belleview Terr., Ansonia, CT 06401 phone: 203-735-9494
AMA membership required. Fee $15 ($10 field use plus $5 entry) Fee good for
both days and all events.

SATURDAY: 9:00 to 4:00
W.W.I. Biplane Mass Launch;
GHQ Peanut Scale;
No-Cal Scale;
Dime Scal;e

*. FAC Scale (either day)
*. FAC Jumbo/Giant Scale (either day)
*. Towline Scale (either day)

SUNDAY: 9:00 to 3:00
W.W.II. Mass Launch;
Golden Age Civilian & Military Combined;
Thompson and Greve Combined Mass Launch;
Flying Horde;
FAC Sport ("2 Bit plus 1 old time rubber");
Dave Stott Hung-Aereon (one design event)


The field is on Orange County Route 12, in Wawayanda, six miles south of
Route 17M near Middletown, NY. Turn onto farm road just south of
Gardnersville Road.  Nearby airports include Newburg, NY (30 min from field)
or White Plains, NY; Hartford, CT; Newark, NY; Wilks-Barre-Scranton, PA;
Albany, NY; or LaGuardia or JFK, New York, NY (all of which are not more
than 2 hours from the field).

For directions, list of hotels, and field rules go to

Camping on field is encouraged.

Lost Hills Memorial Day Weekend Clarification

There will be two seperate contests held at the Lost Hills flying site on May 28th and 29th.  The F1 Masters Cup Contest and the Dual Club contest that had to be rescheduled due to bad weather this past weekend.

The FAI events, F1A-B-C and F1G-H-J/P will be run by the F1 Masters Cup Organizers as per the previously posted contest flyer.

All AMA, NOST, and SAM events and the F1Q event will be run by the Dual Club contest management.

Roger Simpson

Looking for F1G Prop Info

Hello Roger, nice to see you again!
 I write to you because I'm looking for a F1G prop blade plan, with measures, pitch, etc.. I got a friend with a CNC machine and I try to make one but I don't have good information. If possible ask in your SEN publication?
Thank you very much!

Andrés Pietrocola
Tophobbys Argentina
TE: 0341-153914539

RV Rentals for Outrageous October

I have got a number of questions about renting RVs when flying at Lost Hills. Those at the fab Feb would have seen the RVs used by the Australians.  They got very good rates because of the time of year and general state of the economy.  It might not be quite so good for the Outrageous October ... but you never know.  The cost of the RV compared vet favourabley with car + motel.  You are on the field in the center of the action. You do not have to eat at Denny's !!  RV living does have some quirks and you need to remember that model boxes etc take up more space that the usual traveller. 

the 2 RV companies used by the Australians are Cruise America and El Monte Rentals.

Cruise America is cheaper and in a franchise with office in a number of places - notably Bakersfield  [odd triva Bakersfield is the 60th largest city in the USA with a population of about 300,000] , some of the Australians took a bus from LAX to Bakersfield.  This meant they did not have to deal with the LA traffic and there was a small problem with the RV and they were able to get it fixed easily.  Also you are not supposed to drive too far the first night you pick up the RV after a long flight but I'm not sure how they check. The offices in LA are not too far from LAX, you would probably take a cab or super shuttle.

Roger Morrell