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Table of Contents - SEN 1540

  1. Thank you Argentina
  2. Kev on Ebay
  3.  Biggles on 3Rd USA World Cup
  4. Druid tales from Stonehenge
  5. F1B Models and gear for sale

Thank You Argentina

We finally returned this weekend from our Argentinian Adventure.  I concur with both Brian & Faust's comments so thank you Federacion Argentina de Aeromodelismo, Daniel Iele, all the volunteers, administrators, timers (the F1 C timers were spectacular), the Argentine Beef Ranchers and Wine makers for a truely memorable competition and visit.  I would also like to thank Hector Diez, Hugo Benedini and our hero Daniel Arias for the model box magic that really helped our touring after the comp.  Our only regrets are not meeting and talking with more of the worlds flyer's and our awful language skills. 


My wife Celeste had never been to any FAI contest and was truly impressed with our sport and all the great people she got to meet.  A special thanks from her to Tahn Stowe; our favorite negotiator and Ivan Bezak for their kindness.  We hope to see everyone again in Lost Hills or some other open free flight field...maybe even Tangent, Oregon.  Thanks again everyone for a "bucket list" experience.


Best Regards


Mike & Celeste

Team USA F1 C

Kev on Ebay - FF Stuff for sale

Hi and thanks for posting my message.  I thought that it was possible to look up my ID on ebay and then see other items.  However, seems does not always work and I am not that hot on ebay things and technology.  Therefore, please look at item no
 250822554723 and see other items for sale.
Sorry for any confusion caused and many thanks
Best wishes and have a good weekend

and the rest  -

Item number: 250822554723 F1B
Item number: 250822558137 Dixielander
Item number: 250822559921 F1H - Needs fin
Item number: 250822561337- F1A
Item number: 250822562950 - F1A Wings
Item number: 250822564269 - F1G wings and stab
Item number: 250822567008 - F1B props
Item number: 250822567461 - F1B props with screw thread
Item number: 250822568995 - F1B nose and prop
Item number: 250822569354 - F1B nose and prop
Item number: 250822570538 - F1G motor tube and boom
Item number: 250822571395 - F1B motor tube
Item number: 250822574426 - F1B motor tube, boom, fin, timer and pylon and stab
Item number: 250822575766 - Approx 28 feet of DT fuse
Item number: 250822934660 - F1G nose and prop
Kevin Moseley

3rd USA World Cup: - BIggles Suggests

In reply to Paul Crowley's request for input on suitable nominations for a 3rd USA World Cup, here are some observations.  It seems that the weather in Europe favors a profusion of summer time events and hence the contest calendar is already full at this time of year, and many take advantage of combining their summer holidays with a trip to these contests.

However, the weather in parts of the US can be more favorable during other seasons, to help fill the gap when it is winter elsewhere.  Events which spring to mind and have excellent fields and local facilities and a good record of calm weather include:  South West Regionals, Eloy AZ in January (which has typically attracted many foreign visitors over the years, for just these reasons), and the South West FAI Challenge at Boulder City Lakebed, near Las Vegas NV in October (which has also attracted a considerable number of foreign visitors over the years, especially when the SAM Champs is held there every 2 years).  The November Arizona F/F Championships event at Eloy is another consideration (but probably too late in the year to attract numbers of visitors, as the World Cup is usually down to these last few contenders by then)

Alternatively, the US F/F NATS at Muncie IN would be a great venue for those who have actively promoted this site for FAI events, or one of Andrew Barron's East Coast contests at Wawayanda, NY may be appealing to many, being that much closer to potential European visitors.

Of course the last word and the burden will fall on the Clubs and CD's of these contests, as to whether or not they want to step up to this additional level of organization ?  Or perhaps we should consider an entirely new event, along the lines of the recent Fab- and Outrageous triple-contest format — anyone for Quad-something-or-other ?

—  Biggles

Druid Tales from on top of old Stonehenge

From: Peter Tribe [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
To: Lee Hines


it was one of those occasions which occur very infrequently-
I could do no wrong!!

1st round-model no 1-wait for a bit of calm, one circle in the wind
and got rid of it quickly as there was no chance that I could do
another circle in that wind, and off it went in lift. The snag was,
it helicoptered down on DT and broke the wing tip!

Got out reserve model no 2, did a 20 second test flight-this one
looped on DT, and carried on upwards for over 6 minutes.

2nd Round-Got out model No3- could not get BM to work-it appeared to have gone mad (Next day I put in the programme again, and it is
working OK!). Got out No 4 and last model, towed up in lift/wind which unlatched, then bunted down to about 20 feet, and then went away.

3rd, 4th and 5th round, just waited for a bit of a lull, and up and
away into a thermal. The trouble was that the last flight was about
4 minutes and I couldn't find it.

So no models left for a fly-off, one broken, one didn't work, and
two lost down wind and no signal.
But, everyone else fell on the 5th round, so that was it.

The good news was that Klaus Salzer found my No 4, and another flyer
had lost a model and I went to help him search for it the next day,
and when I switched on my tracker to put in his frequency, I got a
beep on my lost model No 2, and found it some way further down
wind than I had been searching in the middle of a rape seed field,
and only about 100 yards from my friends model.(four of us had
spent several hours looking for it the previous evening, and I had
concluded that someone had taken it, so I may not have gone back
there if my friend hadn't called).

Anyway, nice to here from you, onwards and upwards,


Being retired from work I have more time to work on models and fly. 
I have been out training with F1A model a couple of times and the Stonehenge weekend was free so I entered.
I had a little luck and only one bad flight. 
Many people asked the same question – are you back?
The answer is, “I’ll see how it goes”. 
There are 5 trimmed models in the box.

I am still flying F3K.

It seems that Peter Tribe had a difficult day and a lot of mixed luck.

My day was much easier – one old mechanical bunt model all day
and only a couple of small holes in the micafilm. 
(Wings, tail and fin as the 93 winner + M&K fuselage). 

The wind was OK at first I circle-towed for two/three rounds. 
Last two were up and off.  Stuart Damon had 4 maxes but didn’t
make it back in time – spent too much time looking for his 4th. 
Chris Edge also had 4 maxes but dropped badly in the 5th –
the model spiralled in don’t know why yet.

Wind was 12-18 mph.  It was going over the limit in the gusts
but not for long.

I have entered the Nationals at the end of May………..
[This next one from CHE to explain his 42 sec flt dilemma]

Ah, yes, the 42secs. Still a bit painful.

I had damaged my small model (#44) and was down to a reserve
not flown since the PanAm (#45) hence was a bit tentative.
It was windy with good lulls so air picking wasn't a problem.
I did the 4th OK with #45 and then was lined up for the 5th.
A good lull came through and I went for an up and off.
The model went slightly right but not too much, much helmet
ensued and it got high BUT with some roll which put it inner wing
down when it bunted. It then proceeded to drop half the height on
the first circuit but then never recovered, doing another 4 or 5 such
circles before I hit the RCDT; if I hadn't it would have hit hard.

The roll I had seen before but it had never produced such an
almost-spin - it wasn't actually a spin as it never tightened up.
Someone suggested a dynamic roll over effect (it was heading in
to a valley at the time) and in fact the damage to #44 was initiated
by a similar tight turn when I accidentally let go of the line when
getting in to the SoUP.

#45 has a servo wiggler which is set up for no washin until after bunt.
I did this as I found that having no washin at all gave a better launch
height but maybe I need some in, and particularly for the bunt, to
stop the roll occuring.

The air was good as Cooperman flew at the same time and maxed - rats !



Jan Somers (The Netherlands) has decided to quit F1B.

He will be flying F3K in the future.

Jan offers his COMPLETE F1B equipment for sale now, consisting of (a.o.):

- 4 F1B's with AA variable pitch props, Stefanchuk fuselages, wings (re-covered last year and in fact new) made by Burdov, Black Magic electronic timers with radio DT, fully trimmed and flying very well

- Spare AA prop blades

- Palm Pilot handhelds with cradles and cables (to program the timers)

- Multiplex LN-5014 charger for Lipo's, NIMH and NiCad

- Radio DT transmitter (Ken Bauer)

- 2 stooges (one old AA, one Rex Hinson)

- Piserchio hooks (Stefanchuk), etc

- 4 Stefanchuk short half pipes for winding the rubber

- Radio beacon 148.200 MHz (Ruyter)

- Model box for 5 models (Aeroplastic Case)

- Tan SS Nov 2009

- Binoculars 10*42 in leather case

- Various spare parts for props, fuselages; Lipo's, Silicon Oil, Palm Pilots with cradles, etc, etc.

Jan is contemplating to come to Lost Hills next October to show and fly the models, provided one or more persons are seriously interested to buy (a) model(s).

If you are interested and/or would like to receive the detailed information with a description of every item and a list of quantities etc, please contact Jan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roger Morrell