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Stan Does it again in F1N

Stan Buddenbohn did a flight of 112 seconds(1 minute & 52 sec) on Saturday, which breaks M. Ishii's flight of 109sec, set this March(FAI record pending).

History again made in Tustin Hanger!

Go here for video:
More on HPA Forum: ...

Of particular interest is this posting by Jim Buxton that talks about the effort and dedication needed to achieve this  level of performance.

- From Jim Buxton posted on HPA about Stan's performance...

Now more than ever I am certain 2 minutes could be done indoors.  Whether it will or not depends on whether it needs to.  Tip launch has opened up an entirely new world of design improvements that we are only scratching the surface of.  I am not saying two minutes would be easy, but there are people out there that given the building and the motivation certainly could.

I really enjoy seeing what Stan is doing..  It is a little painful to be watching from the sidelines, but is is the choice I have made.  If Akron were available, or if I lived within reasonable driving distance of Tustin (or a cleaner Lakehurst) I would be doing the F1N thing.  However to spend all the effort it takes to compete at this level (and it is a bunch, Stan is making this look easy, but his dedication is unrivaled) to only fly once or so a year is just not a good investment of time for me.  I am flying a bunch of RC DLG, I can fly almost every day and walk to the flying field.  I get about 30 minutes of fun every day.  I could never get that return on investment in indoor glider.  Right now that is the decision I have made, and watching Stan makes me think it was a good one!

Stan, if you pop in here, would love to hear about your model.  Span, weight, foil?  I think you should sign up for the Nats as just "The Man!" 

Jim lives in Columbus, OH and wrote a great piece for the NFFS Digest just a little while back about his own IHLG records

How do I crank up my Yaesu ?

 I have a problem with the "yaesu ft250r handheld" – I Have pim beacons. I got the "ft250r" recently but something does not work well – the volume do not goes up          the problem is just with the beacons signal. With other signals the "ft250" works well. The beacons work well with other handheld.

      I did not find what's wrong. I asked yaesu by mail – but I got no answer.

      Friends advised me to ask you to advertise the question in your "email sen"    

          Can you advertise the problem in your "email sen"?            


Thank You

Eitan Habba


Roger Morrell