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  1. FAI Coverlight
  2. FAI Free Flight Fest
  3. CRO Cup Date Change
  4. Goucho
  5. DLG
  6.  WoodhouseArgentina Album

FAI Coverlight

FAI MODEL SUPPLY is offering new covering material called FAI COVERLIGHT

Material weighs a bit less than ORACOVER, ULTRA COTE LITE, and PROFILM.

Weights .118 oz per sq. ft. verses .122 for other coverings. It is a heat shrink material.

Has a light coating of adhesive on one side. It is transparent and comes in : red, clear, blue, white, orange, green, and yellow.

Rolls are 2’ x 6’. If additional adhesive is necessary on surfaces such as under chambered ribs, we recommend another new product

FAI U-Glue in 4 oz bottles. Some find this adhesive superior to other products on the market.



Formally know as the FAI Invitational

International Aeromodeling Center, Muncie Indiana

AUGUST 20th 2011 F1 ABC&P

AUGUST 21st 2011 F1 GHJQ


F1 ABC&P - SATURDAY AUG 20th - Seven 1.5 hour overlapping rounds starting at 8:00 am. Each round will begin on the hour.


F1 GHJ&Q - SUNDAY AUG 21st - Five 1 hour rounds beginning at 8:00AM.

*Weather permitting we will make Round One from 8:00 – 8:30 am and have it be an unlimited “super-max”, time in excess of 2 minutes scored only for those who max out to determine the winner.

Awards: America’s Cup points. Engraved glass to first-place in each event.


ENTRY: $20 Flat fee covers all cost. Proceeds to be
donated to the Jr FAI Free Flight Team.
CD: Charlie Jones 440-933-7377

E mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Contestants must adhere to field/retrieval rules or face Disqualification from the meet.

CRO Cup date Change

CRO CUP 2011, Krbava,Croatia  2.-3.07. 2011   


I recently purchased a well worn out and in need of a hell of a lot of tlc - a 30 year old Goucho thats has been sat in an ex modeller's attic and has never been flown.  The whole thing needs recovering as its got some terrible plastic like stuff on and its not a brilliant covering to be honest.  Therefore, I plan on stripping it all off and re-tissuing.  

The tail plane looks as though it needs a lot of work, possibly rebuilding and has some ribs shattered.  I Just wondered if any one has a plan of this model that I could purchase from them to make another stab / ribs for the stab or a copy / drawings of the stab ribs that could be sent as a pdf to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I want the plan to check things like the centre of gravity, incidence etc.  Target weight etc.  The fuselage looks as though its been painted and so need to find a way of removing a lot of this and lightening the model.

Am interested in talking with anyone who has built and flown this design in the past.  The wing design / shape looks familiar in some way from the past but cannot think which design from.  Any ideas?  I have the "Creep" design in my head but I cannot swear to this.

Would appreciate any comments / tips for this ship.  Was thinking of a diesel PAW 1.5 in the front end? 

Many thanks

Kevin Moseley

... or is it Gaucho ?


Hi all - I used to fly hlg very seriously and loved the class and flew it around 20 years.  However, 6 years ago had a car accident and the surgery on my elbow forced me to retire from the class and free flight altogether and I took up gliding and got my pilots licence.  After catching up with some of the free flight guys at the UK nats, my fingers are itching again and it looks as though I need to butcher some balsa again.  

I want to have another go at Discus Launch Glider but have no plans and wonder if there are any available out there that I could buy from someone or point me in a direction of where these are available.  I certainly cannot launch a hlg javelin style as I am currently recovering from a couple of slipped discs and the damage done to my body over the years means that I never will throw that way again.  

I still fly full size gliders, but free flight I was born in to and it will never leave me and the UK nats just inspires me to start again and meeting Bruce Kimball, Mark Benns, Mick Page etc just kicks me into gear further.  The camaraderie in free flight is incredible and I still miss that.

Furthermore, my son wants to start a little free flight, so that's three generations of my family flying.  Jim Moseley - Kevin Moseley and now my son Christopher aged 11.

I just cannot leave free flight alone in some way or other. Gliding alone up there alone and then launching a free flight model

Many thanks and best wishes

Kevin Moseley
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Woodhouse Argentina Album


A few images from Argentina

Michael Woodhouse
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Roger Morrell