SEN 1573

Table of Contents - SEN 1573

  1. Blackam Remembers
  2. The San Valeers do Nostalgia
  3. Looking for a Hummer pan

Blackam Remembers
One was always better in one's youth.

Not really.

One's youth was always better in one's old age!

The San Valeers do Nostaglia

Noticed the comments from Biggles and others on A-1 and A-2.
At the San Valeers all nostalgia annual in November we fly A-1 and A-2 with the orginal straight tow and weight rules.  Just like what most of us grew up with. We do not allow circle Tow and the designs have to be from the nostalgia or earlier period.
We allow proxy towing also for those that are just too old to run anymore.
We also feature a full slate of nostalgia gas events and it is always a fun contest to attend.
A flyer can be found on the NFFS web site for those that are interested.
Terry Thorkildsen

Editor's Note

For the benefit of Mike Keville and other people in Mr Blackam's category my San Valeers reporters tell me that TT flies one of those real original fun all wood A1s that he made waaay back while in high school.  So in his case he real can tell how good it was/is since it is the same airplane not a modern day copy.

I did notice that circle tow in not permitted so that would exclude the venerable Biggles's twanger thingies ?

Looking for a Hummer pan

Does anyone have a Hummer Pan they do not need.

Please contact Mike Roberts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


roger morrell