SEN 1575

Table of Contents - SEN 1575

  1. Equinox
  2. Moseley
  3. A1s again


FB flash form Allard van Wallene News flash from CHE:
results from a wet 'n windy Equinox Cup:

F1A: 1. Cooper, 2. Carter, 3. Edge.

F1B: 1. Woodhouse, 2. P. Martin, 3. Woolner.
F1C: 1. Allen, 2. Jack, 3. Screen.
F1Q: 1. Shepard, 2. Grey, 3. Tolehurst

Jim Moseley - MAAC HoF

MAAC Hall of fame recipient.

Wanted to extend my congratulations to my father Jim Moseley (Toronto, Canada) on his induction into the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada Hall Of Fame last night. Only wish I could be there to see and share this with dad. Tremendous achievement in a lifetime given to free flight model aircraft. 

Still cant beat me with a hlg though pops :-)

Kevin Moseley

Thinking about coming out of retirement next year to fly more ff as well as being a full size glider pilot.

Reply to Mike Keville / Thinking Back:

I also have two (1 1/2 really) Topkicks. That brings the total count of models without an event, or at  disadvantage in a Classic Towline and F1H contest, to somewhere near ten according to Biggles count. When we can document 100 A/1's waiting for an event, I will support creation of such an event. Until then I recommend that these ten or so models be flown in F1H and Classic Towline. Reviewing recent contest results and Americas Cup and Nation Cup results, these ten models would have a big impact in event participation, and points accumulation if flown in existing events.

Ross Jahnke

Roger Morrell