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  1. Isaacson Winter Classic
  2. King Orange Results
  3. Lost Hills Membership Update
  4. SCIFs Annual


February 7,8&9, 2009 Lost Hills, CA

Join us for one of the premier West Coast Contests!
All FAI classes are America's Cup.
All AMA and NFFS classes, except Gollywock are National Cup.
This is a Cat. II contest.

Round 1, 8:00am!
Round Schedule:
1   8:00am-­9:00am
2   9:00am-­10:00am
3   10:00am-­11:00am
4   11:00am-­12:00am
5   12:00am-­1:00pm
6   1:00pm-­2:00pm
7   2:00pm-­3:00pm

Round One Maxes:
F1A   210 seconds
F1B   240 seconds
F1C   240 seconds
F1P   240 seconds
F1Q   240 seconds, 20sec max motor run, all rounds

Rounds 2-7, 180 seconds

Fly-Off Schedule:
Round eight, 5 minute max.
F1A    3:30pm-­3:40pm
F1B/Q   3:45pm-­3:55pm
F1C/P   4:00pm-­4:10pm
Additional rounds to be announced

SUNDAY - F1G, H, & J
Round one, 8:00 am! Champagne Flyoff! Time to the ground.
Round Schedule:
All events two minute max.
1  8:00am-­8:45am
2 8:45am-­9:30am
3  9:30am-­10:15am
4 10:15am-­11:00am
5 11:00am-­11:45am
Fly-Offs will begin at 12 noon and finish by 3:00. At 3:00, any remaining
ties will be broken by using Champagne Flight Times.

MONDAY, F1E Slope Soaring
12 noon ­  5:30pm
Five rounds, 45 minutes each, starting at 12 noon. Event director - Peter

SATURDAY, Special Event 8:00am - 3:00pm
Five, 3 min. max. 8:00am-­3:00pm. Mass launch fly-off! Everyone flies! A Bob White Event!

SUNDAY, Special Event 8:00am - 3:00pm
Seven flights in rounds, concurrent with Mini Events. Flights must be flown from the CLG flightline.
90 sec. Max. One 20 sec. attempt per round.
Handheld rubber launcher, 6 gm. max. No restrictions on configuration,
strands or length. Launch stick optional, 6" max. length.

PLUS - after the awards the Leeper's Special 12" Cat glider mass launch.
12" span, 10 grams min weight, AMA outdoor stick and rubber launcher.
Lee Hines, event director.

SATURDAY OR SUNDAY 8:00am-­3:00pm.
P - 30 - AMA rules
Moffett - AMA rules
Nostalgia Wakefield  -  NFFS rules
A Bob White Event!

Classic Glider - NFFS rules
Hand Launch Glider - AMA rules, fly from the HLG/CLG line

1/2A, Early 1/2A & 1/4A Nostalgia Gas
Combined award, separate Nat. Cup Points. NFFS rules

A, B & C Nostalgia Gas - NFFS rules
Combined award, separate Nat. Cup Points.

For National Cup points, AMA rules will apply, except as previously stated

$15.00 - includes one event. Additional events $5.00 each.
(Must be current member AMA, MAAC or AMA Affiliate. Also Lost Hills Assoc.

Lost Hills Free Flight Association Membership required.
Contact: George Walter
2412 Deerpark Dr.
Fullerton, CA 92835

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
$10 for 10 days,$20 one year, $35 two years
Make checks to: Lost Hills Free Flight Association

Jr., Sr., Open Class combined.
First through third, each event.
Perpetual Gollywock and Nos. Wake awards, courtesy of Bob White
RAFFLE at Awards Ceremony, Buddenbohm glider kits, winners MUST be present!
Norm Furutani
15423 Haas Ave.
Gardena, CA 90249

(310) 323-1943
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Roger Morrell
1916 B Gates Ave.
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

(310) 374-2136
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sloan¹s Catering
Jay and Lois will have their food service on the field all week!
Support our Lost Hills friends.

In memory of
our dear friends,
Bob and LaVera Isaacson

2008 King Orange FAI Report

Jim Bradley FAI Event Director

We had excellent weather for the King Orange this year. The midday temperatures for all three days were in the high mid 70’s to low 80’s and the winds were 3 to 6 MPH most of the time. The first day had thick fog till about 9:30 but the mini-events were able to start on time. It was a little windy from late morning on the last day, but models were still staying on the field. The bad news was that entries both total and for the FAI events, were way down.


Full 2 or 3 minutes maxes were flown for all FAI events rounds. Wind was never an issue for the FAI events on either day they were flown.  The FAI entries were way down this year with no one flying in F1A, F1C or F1P. It would have been easy points for anyone who showed up. Only F1Q had 3 entries. It is interesting that most of the flyers in F1Q were flyers that are traditionally not FAI flyers. This is a good sign at least.


F1G only had 2 flyers but the Americas cup was at stake. Eddie Vanlandingham came all the way from Texas to take a shot at it. Eddie was in 3rd place in the Americas Cup standings and only a win would move him ahead of Tiffany O’Dell. Eddie did win in a convincing manor and won the Americas Cup by 1 point.


Jean Pailet was the only flyer in F1H. He flew 3 rounds and then concentrated on flying F1J.


F1J also only had 2 flyers but they battled it out until the end with Tom Kerr edging out Jean Pailet. Each had 3 maxes and 2 drops.  I think the lack of Jean having his ever present 4 legged advisor affected him but he decided that she needed a rest. I am sure we will see the Pailet team back together very soon.


F1Q was really the tightest contest even though the final scores don’t show it. These models have very high performance with the long motor runs the rules allow, which is likely to be reduce by the CIAM soon, and they fly very well now that most people have figured out the right size of model to fly. High tech carbon VIT models are not required, although they are allowed, to be competitive so this event appeals to a lot of the AMA power flyers and the flyers who want to fly a power event without the mess of fuel and oil. I think we will see F1Q grow into becoming one of the more popular events.


F1B which is usually has a lot of entries only had 2 entries this year with Eddie Vanlandingham and Jim Bradley flying. Going into the last round Jim was ahead by a few seconds so he chose to use the old Russian strategy of flying in the same air as your competitor. Both launched within a few seconds of each other, no point in having a mid-air during the prop run, and flew in neutral to fair air. In the end Jim made the max and extended his lead over Eddie. The final results meant that Eddie remained in 4th place in the Americas Cup standing and Jim moved up into 5th place.


F1G, 2 flyers                                                   F1H, 1 flyer                                        F1J, 3 flyers

1. Eddie Vanlandingham        570                  1. Jean Pailet               308                  1. Tom Kerr                 534
2. Ray Combs                         223                                                                              2. Jean Pailet               516
F1Q, 3 flyer                                                    F1P, 0 flyers
1. Dan Berry               864                 
2. Ed Luparelli            720
3. Vic Nippert             240
F1A, 0 flyers                                       F1B, 2 flyers                                                   F1C, 0 flyers
                                                            1. Jim  Bradley                       1245               

                                                            2. Eddie Vanlandingham        1193

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Lost Hills Membership Update


This is a reminder for all flyers who visit Lost Hills for contest that you can save some dollars by signing up for membership by January 15th, 2009. With the Issacson, Pan American Open and Max Men in February we would like to have the USA and Canadian flyers who plan on attending sign up by mail before the three contest. With all the foreign flyers attending it is quite a job to sign everybody up at the entry table and we would like to cut down on this work if possible. If you cannot remember what year you have paid for visit the Lost Hills web site and check on your status. Sign up before January 15th and the cost is $20 or two years for $35. After January 15th the cost is $25 or two years for $40. Thank you for your help.

Send your membership fees to:
George Walter
LHFFMAA Sec/Treasurer

2412 Deerpark Drive

Fullerton, CA 92835

Make checks payable to LHFFMAA

If foreign flyers who plan on attending the February contest at Lost Hills will send me an e-mail I will send them the entry form for Lost Hills membership and you can make it out and return it to me. In this way we can cut down on the time required for entry.  Just return me the form by e-mail and we can settle the money upon your entry at the first of the three contest that you attend. There is a Lost Hills membership for $10 that will cover a two week period. All Foreign flyers must pay an AMA Affiliate membership for $28. Again, thank you for your help.


SCIF Annual Kickoff

Condor Field

Taft, CA

Feb 28, March 1, 2009

10$ entry includes 1st event, $5 event

Class A event – Category II

Unrestricted, Sanctioned

Merchandise Awards
Saturday 7:30 am to 4pm                                 Sunday 7:30 am to 3 pm

            A Pylon                       3min max                                           A Fuselage                  3min max

Scale Gas (SAM)                                                                    B/C Pylon                   3min max

Large Rubber Stick    3min max                                           Small Rubber Cabin   3min max

Small Rubber Stick    3min max                                           Large Rubber Cabin   3min max

P30                             2min max                                           2 bits                           3min max

.020 Replica               3min max                              


Mass Launch                                                                      Mass Launch

8cc 1/2a Texaco                                                                  Twin Pusher 9am

9am (6 minute window)
Both Day Events
B/C Fuselage              3min max
30 sec Antique           3min max

Commercial Rubber   3min max

E36                              2min max

Jimmie Allen              3min max



Gas and Electric 5 sec from engine run on each flight

Rubber – Add one (1) minute to each flight


 Please submit flight times after each flight

SCIF awards at the end of each day

B/C Fuselage & 30 sec Antique – 1st place prize is new Super Cyclone engine

   Fun fly not sanctioned

Saturday Slow Gas 7:30 am to 4pm                        Sunday Nostalgia 7:30am to 3pm

3min max’s                                        3min max’s

      1/2A                                                  1/2A
                     A                                                          A
         B                                                          B
       C/D                                                     C/D
Contest Directors

Bud Matthews for SCIF 661-252-7259 (cell 661-993-5201) Web (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Rick Keller for BFT & San Valeers 702-371-0865

Roger Morrell