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  1. Radio DT and Junior Flyers
  2. Pan Am Update
  3. Maxmen Details and Entry Form
  4. Ike Correction
  5. Lost Hills Reminder

Radio DT and Junior Flyers

Art and Ken

RDT does not need any promotion, but I wanted to share the letter that I received from Art Ellis which explains better that I could the purpose for having RDT.  It was designed expressly for this purpose, which is to enable free flight models to fly longer on smaller fields in more places and to encourage training and practice close to home.  Art is involved in a great program for teaching free flight to young and upcoming modelers.
Art's words:
"In order to promote F1B development, Tom Vaccaro put a normal RC system in a trainer Wakefield with the idea that we could then fly at our local practice field. The idea worked far better they any of us could have imagined. We put over one hundred flights on that plane and never crashed the plane or put it in a tree or the swamp despite the fact that it was being flown by the most novice of novices. Our practice field in Durham, CT is just over 12 acres and with RDT we are flying fully found Wakefields.
By the end of the summer Tom had switched all his plane to RDT and so had most of our advanced glider fliers - Timothy Barron, Oliver Cai, Marian Whitney and Miles Johnson.
RDT is the greatest gift to training new fliers ever invented. RDT saves planes and allows us to practice every weekend and in the evenings during the summer. In the past we developed mainly glider fliers simply because flying Wakefield required a two-hour plus drive to Wawayanda - an all day trip that parents could only occasionally accommodate. With RDT we now have three very competitive Wakefield fliers - Brede Knudsen, Ben Sumner and Jon Carothers who can fly at least twice per week. Furthermore, with RDT they now don't damage planes.
This spring we want to add RDT to the F1P fliers. Brian Pacelli will hugely benefit by being able to practice three times a week instead of three times per month. Charlie Philips is so turned onto the idea of being able to fly in Durham that he has now rejoined the group and will be a formative F1P competitor.
As you can see, we have a horde of kids. There is no way that Tom, Dennis Phelan and I could support such a large group, if the kids were crashing as much as they use to. You have been there and know how much work is required to keep just one junior afloat. Thank you RDT! Believe me these children don't show better judgment or have better skills than our children. The difference is that the trainer now has the magic button.
Even with our advanced glider fliers, RDT makes a significant training difference. In the past when you saw a child make towing mistakes, you tried to review the situation ten minutes later with little effect as neither of you could really remember the situation. With RDT you simply push the button. The child forlornly looks at you with the expression of "what did I do wrong" and you have what in "teacher speak" is called a teachable moment.
We are now so sold on electronic timers and RDT that we are insisting that older mechanical planes be converted and that new planes be exclusively electronic. For instance, Brede just acquired a mechanical Andruikov through Walt Ghio and George. The first thing we are doing is switching out the pylon with an electronic one.
RDT is truly magic in developing young fliers!"

Pan Am Open update

Hi Roger,
In the next SEN archives, can you please post as follow:

Additional Information Regarding the Pan American Open:
- There will a separate award for the top individual Junior performance in each class; entry fee remains the same.  Juniors are welcome to form teams or be part of teams.
- Technical note: To avoid the inconvenience of moving, there will not be any rotation of the pole position after each round.  Pole positions will remain the same for the duration of the contest.

See you on the field!



A World Cup and America’s Cup Event

DATE:                                     Feb. 13 – 16, 2009

PLACE:                        Bissonette Mirage Field, Lost Hills, Ca. USA


- F1A   Friday, Feb. 13th (7 rounds on Friday the 13th)

- F1B, C and P Sat., Feb 14th (7 rounds on Valentines Day)

                                                7 rds each day, starting at 8 am, 1 hour rounds

                                                1st. round extended max per rules

                                            - F1G, H, J and Q Sunday, Feb. 15th

                                                5 rds., 1 hour each starting at 9 am.

                                    - Reserve day, Feb. 16th.

SPECIAL NOTES:       -FAI Sporting License is mandatory for all competitors flying F1A, B, C

- US competitors can mail entry form, with fees, to CD (email entries from US flyers will not be accepted)

- Non US competitors may email entry and pay upon arrival

- All non-AMA competitors must pay $28 AMA Affiliation fee

- Entries are considered late if not received by Feb. 8, 2009

- Fees are double for late entries

COST:                          F1G, H, J, P and Q                   $10 / event

                                    F1A, B and C                          $25 / event

CONTACT:                  George Batiuk

                                    2221 King St. #2, San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93401 USA

                                    Ph, 805-546-8231 Fax 805-546-0700

                                    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (NEW)

LOCAL MOTELS:        Lost Hills Motel 6      661-797-2346

                                    Lost Hills Days Inn    661-797-2371


DATE:                         Feb. 14, 2009

PLACE:                        Wasco Elks

PROGRAM:                 Dinner and America’s Cup Awards presentation

COST:                          $22.00 for adults, $12.00 for Juniors



CITY, STATE, ZIP_______________________________________________________________

FAI LICENSE NUMBER_________________________________________________________


            F1A ($25)                                       ______________________________
            F1B ($25)                                       ______________________________
            F1C ($25)                                        ______________________________
            F1P ($10)                                        ______________________________
            F1Q ($10)                                       ______________________________
            F1G ($10)                                       ______________________________
            F1H ($10)                                       ______________________________
            F1J ($10)                                         ______________________________
            BANQUET ($22)                           ______________________________
            BANQUET under 17 ($12)       _______________________________



                                                2221 KING ST. #2,

                                                SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA. 93401

Ike Correction

There was an error in the  Rules for the Cat glider [allowing too much rubber] it should be

SUNDAY, Special Event 8:00am - 3:00pm
Seven flights in rounds, concurrent with Mini Events. Rounds six and seven will continue after the mini events. Flights must be flown from the CLG flightline.
90 sec. Max. One 20 sec. attempt per round. For National Cup points, AMA rules will apply, except as previously stated.

Lost Hills Membership Update

Walt Ghio   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is a reminder for all flyers who visit Lost Hills for contest that you can save some dollars by signing up for membership by January 15th, 2009. With the Issacson, Pan American Open and Max Men in February we would like to have the USA and Canadian flyers who plan on attending sign up by mail before the three contest. With all the foreign flyers attending it is quite a job to sign everybody up at the entry table and we would like to cut down on this work if possible. If you cannot remember what year you have paid for visit the Lost Hills web site and check on your status. Sign up before January 15th and the cost is $20 or two years for $35. After January 15th the cost is $25 or two years for $40. Thank you for your help.

Send your membership fees to:
George Walter
LHFFMAA Sec/Treasurer

2412 Deerpark Drive

Fullerton, CA 92835

Make checks payable to LHFFMAA

If foreign flyers who plan on attending the February contest at Lost Hills will send me an e-mail I will send them the entry form for Lost Hills membership and you can make it out and return it to me. In this way we can cut down on the time required for entry.  Just return me the form by e-mail and we can settle the money upon your entry at the first of the three contest that you attend. There is a Lost Hills membership for $10 that will cover a two week period. All Foreign flyers must pay an AMA Affiliate membership for $28. Again, thank you for your help.

Roger Morrell<