SEN 1210 4 May 2008

Table of Contents - SEN 1210 - 3 May 2008

  1. Bukin F1G for sale
  2. Rubber Lube
  3. Donations to the USA Junior FF Team via FAI Model Supply
  4. Comment on F1J Sporting Code Anomally
  5. Looking for Magic F1H
  6. LH Bike & Shed Sort
  7. Stonehenge is now indoors ?

Bukin F1G For sale

From : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hi Roger,
I have one Bukin F1G remaining for sale. D box wings, 3 function timer and simple MS front end. Minor repair on one wing , otherwise like new.
$350.00 including shipping in con USA.
Best regards,

From:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In response to Paul's recent study, I have been testing new motors for the recent rule change for Mass Launch events at the upcoming Flying Aces Nationals in Geneseo New York. Previously, you could pack in any motor size you wished. Now you will be limited to 15% of empty model weight.
I have focused the testing on rubber size and cross sections. John Oldenkampt's inputs have been very helpful to these tests. However, Paul's work raises another point and I will try to replicate his studies with these new 15% motors.I will be using Dow 33 as the silicon product.  Paul...Thankyou. Results to follow.
Roger Willis...SCALE STAFFEL FAC Squadron 41..San Diego

Donations to USA Junior Team Fund thru FAI Model Supply

 For several years FAI has had matching funds for the Junior Team.
This year with your order, we match any donation up to $10.00.
That means that if you donate $ 10.00 through an order with FAI MODEL
SUPPLY, we will send $ 20.00 to AMA designated for the USA Junior Team.
Happy Flying! John and Sally GOOD LUCK JUNIORS!

Comment on F1J Sporting Code anomally

From: Chuck Markos and Ian Kaynes

Re Chuck Markos' comment in SEN 1207, this error has already been noted. Rather than re-issue the 2008 Sporting Code, which could result in a lot of people reprinting a copy of the code, the following notice was posted on the CIAM homepage on March 3 2008:

2008 edition of the F1 Sporting Code.
An error has been identified in rules 3.J.5 & 3.P.5. The rules should read as follows:

3.J.5. b) The motor run exceeds 5 seconds from the release of the model.
3.P.5. b) The motor run exceeds 7 seconds from the release of the model.

These errors will be corrected in the 2009 edition of the Sporting Code.

Ian Kaynes


Looking for Magic F1H

From: Lee Hines

Wanted for purchase:  F1H with Black Magic timer system, in flying condition.
Please contact me at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thank you,
Lee R Hines

Lost Hills Bike and Shed Spot: 
Rare opportunity to get a 1974 Honda CT 70 motorcycle with a Lost Hills shed spot.  Honda is in good condition and has an Ohio title.  Shed is #3 (closest to the road). Combo deal only$1000.  Contact Norman Poti 937-882-6015 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Available immediately.

Stonehenge Query - Indoor Events ?

With further reference to the excellent British publication F/F Forum, or 3F as it's know colloquially, and the imminent scheduling of the Stonehenge Cup and co-located World Food Ordering Championship event, during the evening gathering at the renowned hostelry, the Bustard: the thought immediately springs to mind, what with this being an "Indoor" venue, will the Organizers take advantage of this fortuitous coincidence by providing a "Wood Selection" buffet ?  It seems this would be an ideal setting for those lucky enough to have already read and memorized their copy of Bob Bailey's latest 3F article, to put their newly honed skills to the test in this setting of International camaraderie, by getting to grips hands-on with some really challenging Wood Selection, while staying safely out of weather for which Stonehenge, and indeed the entire British Isles is synonymous, ie Indoors.

-  Biggles

Roger Morrell