SEN 1219 - 7 June 2008

Table of Contents - SEN 1219

  1. Lost At Big Al's
  2. Simple electric FF
  3. Hot Hector's Qualifier
  4. Queing for Info
  5. F1E Dates
  6. Stone Pictures from Wood

Lost at Big Al's
From:Mike Roberts <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

I am resending this message as I don't show a record in my "sent mail" file, so must have messed up.

Lost at Big Al's, a Walston transmitter, freq 220.632 in the Parking area or the bike barn.


Mike Roberts

Simple Electric F/F

For those interested in a beginning taste of electric F/F, they might try the NFFS new E-36 event. BMJR sells most everthing needed to give it a try. They have sold over 100 of the Sparks kits that I designed. The model took the first three places at last years NATS. The availability of cheap NIMH or Ni-Cad batteries make this a good choice for a beginner as no dangerous Li-Poly batteries are allowed. The timer that BMJR sells is less than $20.00. The NFFS website has info and a forum devoted to electric activity.
Rex Hinson

Hector's Hot Qualifier at Lost Hills

Hello  Roger,could you please include this in the next  s.e.n.
For those that need to complete the qualifing time for the finals, Walt  Ghio has requested a sanction  from A.M.A. for the week end of July 12 and 13(actually two separate sanctions ,so the two days could be used ,if needed).The sanctions are for  a record trail meet ,we don't need to fly rounds,this way we can fly at the most convenient time of the day  and avoid the heat.
Anyone interested, please contact Walt or me.(may turn  into a good practice session )
Hector Diez Ph: 661 834 1063           E mail:    h10auto
Thank you , Hector.

Queing for Info

Could Frank Pollard and Bernie Crowe please send me the specs and descriptions on their F1Q models and power plants Email? Ed Mate

F1E Dates
From : Peter Brocks

Roger, for SEN:
There are 4 contests for the Class F1E, Gliders With Automatic Steering, coming up in Colorado and Arizona. Three contests count for America's Cup points and one is the qualification finals for the US Team for the 2009 F1E World Championship at the Wasserkuppe in Germany.
June 27    Denver, Colorado - MMM - FAI Annual
Sept. 1     Denver, Colorado - MMM - FAI Dynasty Cup
Sept. 4     Flagstaff, Arizona - PMAC - Arizona F1E Championship
Sept. 5-7  Flagstaff, Arizona (Preentry through AMA required)
If you need information about any of these contest then please send email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stone Pictures from Wood


If you are interested I've put up a few images from the Stonehenge Cup. Such nice weather I was too busy flying to bother with too many images!

Roger Morrell