SEN 1242 - 7 Sept 2008

Table of Contents - SEN 1242 - 7 Sept 2008


  1. Euro Champs results
  2. October Reminders 
  3. OK you FAI Guys
  4. Looking for Jean W
  5. Thanks



Eurochamps results


Are now on the organizer's web site -


34th. California F.A.I. Invitational

OCTOBER 4th. And 5th. 2008


FOR CLASSES: F1-A, F1-B, F1-C, F1-G, F1-H, F1-J


SATURDAY OCT. 4th.   F1-A, F1-B and F1-C


SUNDAY OCT. 5th. F1-G, F1-H and F1-J


F1-A, Saturday October 4th. 2008 ** First Flight 210 Seconds

F1-B & F1-C, Saturday October 5th. 2008  ** First Flight 240 Seconds

-          -7 - One hour rounds commencing at 08:00 hours


Fly Offs will start at 4:30 PM “FIRM” Depending on weather

Otherwise there will be a 10 minutes flight, 10 minutes window on the

Following day starting at 07:15 for F1-A, 07:30 for F1-B and 07:45 for F1-C



F1-G, F1-H & F1-J  Sunday October 7th. 2008

First Flight for the 3 events will be 180 Seconds

-5- One-hour rounds commencing at 08:00 hours

Fly-Offs will start shortly after the 5th. Round with the 5, 7, 9 etc. min. increments


***There will be NO timers provided, Please find someone to fly and time with you***



Perpetual Trophies to winners

Medals 1st. through 3rd. place for all events


NOTE:  Per AMA directive, ALL competitors must have AMA insurance



Entry Fee US$ 20:00 for F1A, F1-B & F1-C

$10:00 for F1-G, F1-H & F1-J

(Juniors ½ prize)


Contest Director:  Juan A. Livotto, 13212 Lake St. LA, CA, 90066, USA


Phone (310) 391-5986…….e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Year 2007 WINNERS


F1-A:  M. McKEEVER                    F1-B:  P. CROWLEY                        F1-C:  E,CARROLL

F1-G:  VANANDINGHAM             F1-H:  B. VAN NEST                        F1-J:  G, MENANO