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Table of Contents - SEN 1242 - 7 Sept 2008


  1. Euro Champs results
  2. October Reminders 
  3. OK you FAI Guys
  4. Looking for Jean W
  5. Thanks



Eurochamps results


Are now on the organizer's web site -


34th. California F.A.I. Invitational

OCTOBER 4th. And 5th. 2008


FOR CLASSES: F1-A, F1-B, F1-C, F1-G, F1-H, F1-J


SATURDAY OCT. 4th.   F1-A, F1-B and F1-C


SUNDAY OCT. 5th. F1-G, F1-H and F1-J


F1-A, Saturday October 4th. 2008 ** First Flight 210 Seconds

F1-B & F1-C, Saturday October 5th. 2008  ** First Flight 240 Seconds

-          -7 - One hour rounds commencing at 08:00 hours


Fly Offs will start at 4:30 PM “FIRM” Depending on weather

Otherwise there will be a 10 minutes flight, 10 minutes window on the

Following day starting at 07:15 for F1-A, 07:30 for F1-B and 07:45 for F1-C



F1-G, F1-H & F1-J  Sunday October 7th. 2008

First Flight for the 3 events will be 180 Seconds

-5- One-hour rounds commencing at 08:00 hours

Fly-Offs will start shortly after the 5th. Round with the 5, 7, 9 etc. min. increments


***There will be NO timers provided, Please find someone to fly and time with you***



Perpetual Trophies to winners

Medals 1st. through 3rd. place for all events


NOTE:  Per AMA directive, ALL competitors must have AMA insurance



Entry Fee US$ 20:00 for F1A, F1-B & F1-C

$10:00 for F1-G, F1-H & F1-J

(Juniors ½ prize)


Contest Director:  Juan A. Livotto, 13212 Lake St. LA, CA, 90066, USA


Phone (310) 391-5986…….e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Year 2007 WINNERS


F1-A:  M. McKEEVER                    F1-B:  P. CROWLEY                        F1-C:  E,CARROLL

F1-G:  VANANDINGHAM             F1-H:  B. VAN NEST                        F1-J:  G, MENANO





                           32nd Annual Sierra Cup


           FAI International Free Flight Contest

                                October 7-9, 2008

                      A World and America’s Cup Event

                                                 Sponsored by:

               Southern California Aero Team
ost Hills, California, USA


Schedule of Events:


Tuesday, October 7               F1A, F1B, F1C and F1P

7 one hour rounds starting at 8 AM.   Flyoffs start will be posted after Round 7.


Wednesday, October 8          FAI “mini events”   F1G  F1H  F1J

5 one hour rounds starting at 10AM.  Flyoffs start will be posted after Round 5.

Fly offs beginning at 7AM for any 10 minute flyoff required from Tuesday.


Wednesday Evening Banquet and Trophy Presentation at the Elks Club Lodge-Wasco.


Thursday, October 9   Reserve day


The contest will be run to current 2008 FAI rules and maxes.


                            Send Entries Fees to and Request Further Information From:

                                                        Mike McKeever-CD

                                                       4252 Mockingbird St

                                                       Fair Oaks, Ca 95628

                                                          (916) 967-8475

                                                      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                                                                           Entry Fees:

                                   Any single event (Mini or Maxi)                   $45

                                   A “Mini” event and one “Maxi” event          $60

                                   As many events as you can fly                       $80

                                   Entry includes banquet/extra banquet $20 each


Entries to be received with check payable to SCAT by September 26.  Foreign competitors may advise of entry before September 26 and pay no later than October 6



Name:_______________________________E-Mail__________________  AMA #___________________



Event:  Circle Those You Will Fly                          F1A   F1B   F1C   F1P   F1G   F1H   F1J

Entry Fee and Extra Banquet Tickets Enclosed    $____________    Vegetarian Meal Preferred Please circle






OK you Vintage FAI Power guys

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

OK you Vintage FAI Power guys....the deal at Sierra Cup will be $10 gets you in...another $20 if you want to talk about it at the banquet Wednesday night. You fly on Wednesday from the F1J area and it will be 5 rounds starting at 8AM-so you will be well underway when the mini events start at 10 AM...Walt Ghio is your official CD but if you want to enter early-send me $10 or $30 if you want to join the crowd at the banquet...Dave Parson's, just bring one of your models and it's $10 at the event as you're already in....I promise, if I don't have F1A obligations, I'll build one of these after the Finals. Should be fun.


Looking for Jean W

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Mike Segrave

 Hello everybody.
Can someone supply me with the email address of Jean Wantzenriether, please?
Can't seem to get any response from Google except the which  doesn't work on these machines here.
Mike S 


To the NFFS for our award in this year's Symposium in the 10 Best category. The recognition is much appreciated. This year's Sympo was as great as always so make sure you have yours.

Roger Morrell