SEN 1274 2008

Table of Contents SEN 1274

  1. Americas Cup Update
  2. Americas Cup 2009 and Hartill Trophy
  3. Lost Hills update

Americas Cup Update

Jim Parker

The AmCup mission statement remains the same, to foster FAI FF by requiring flyers to travel to other flying sites to win substantial recognition and reward. The balance of multiple competitions and the requirement to travel has served those selected contests and associated clubs well. To that end the AmCup will remain unchanged except for three minor changes. Summary of changes; F1P now a full pledged event, fee increased to $30 to cover increased AmCup cost and added guide lines for low entrant contest changes.

Even with the success of the AmCup, the large number of contests in the program, makes it nearly impossible for most flyers to attend the 8 to10 contests in a year usually needed to win the AmCup and so there are few flyers that set about to win the AmCup at the beginning of the season. The original, "Is Less More" (Am-XCup) proposal was put forth for thought and drew many strong comments both pro and con, mostly con. A second version which kept the existing AmCup program was put forth, some strong comments both pro and con were received.

SCAT took the comments and finalized the following program. The focus is on competition and the goal is to provide an alternate program which is more assessable to a larger number of flyers.This program puts more weight on competition but we believe the contest selection is balanced for equably access to flyers in the areas of high FAI FF activity across USA and Canada. Unlike the AmCup, the adendum program requires the participants to pay a $50 entry fee to participate in this two year program using the best 7 out of the selected top 16 AmCup contests (8 contests per year). The total entry fee will be use for the cash reward. Trophy and certificates will also be award to the top three.

SCAT was founded with a focus on FAI FF competition, following the rules as a way to raise the level of American Free Flight to world class levels. This was epitomized by the SCAT founding president, Bill Hartill, who insisted that the FAI competition be run following the rules. We were looking forward to honoring Bill and the other founding SCAT members at the 2009 AmCup banquet and celebrating SCAT’s fiftieth anniversary. With Bill’s recent passing, we will be not be able to do so with him in person but we are pleased to present an addition level of FAI FF competition named in his honor, the Hartill Trophy.

The 2009 AmCup program with the new Hartill Trophy will be published soon on both SEN and on the NFFs website.



Dec. 14, 2008

The purpose of the America's Cup Competition is to foster the development of flyers and models across North America in the FAI F1 (free flight). This coast-to-coast competition requires flyers to attend multiple contests each year in the United States and Canada in order to win.  To this end the Southern California Aero Team has formulated the following rules:

1)  America’s Cup designated contests must be flown in accordance with the provisions of the FAI Sporting Code and as follows:

a) F1A, B and C Contests must be a minimum of 7 rounds plus flyoffs if required.   First round max durations should require the current extended flight times as stated in the FAI Sporting Code.  F1G, H and J contests must fly a minimum of 5 rounds plus flyoffs if required. The F1A, B, C, G, H, J and P events must have discreet rounds and must be flown from a launch line. F1Q and F1E are flown as provisional events and may deviate for the standard FAI rules such as they may be flown jointly with other events, not in rounds not from a line etc.  In the case of deteriorating weather or for safety reasons, contests can be terminated after 5 rounds, and the Contest Director must provide the situation description.  The CD must also indicate which round max durations were shortened from those stated in the FAI Sporting Code

b) For F1A, B, and C, contests flown over two days must have 7 rounds minimum (exception as above), and scoring will be based on total rounds flown.  Contest Directors are urged to configure and conduct contest rounds to best allow 7 rounds plus flyoffs to be completed.

c) A $30 US America’s Cup Contest Sanction Fee is requested on or before April 1 of the current schedule year and required by the end of the year.  Acceptable forms of payment are Money Orders or Checks made out to SCAT and sent to the address below.  Non-payment will result in the removal of the contest from the following year’s schedule. 

d) The maximum number of America’s Cup contest is 30. The SCAT America’s Cup Administrator will recommend changes to designated contests to the SCAT Club after careful consultation with contest organizers and FAI competitors in the USA and Canada.  The preferred method of making changes to the designated contests is for the active clubs and participants in the affected region to submit the recommended changes. Contests that do not maintain a three year running average of F1ABCGHJand P total entry of 15 for 2 consecutive years will be subject to deletion. Prior to deletion, offers will be sought for contests to fill the deleted contest. New contests will be granted Conditional Status for their first year on the Calendar, based on their adherence to FAI rules as reported by organizers and contestants to the AmCup Administrator.  Points scored at Conditional Contests are fully counted. 

e) For any AmCup contest that is rescheduled or cancelled a 30-day advanced notice is recommended and a 15-day notice is required. In the event of a known rescheduling or cancellation, the organizer must make a good faith effort at widespread notification, such as a message posted on SCAT Electronic News (SEN).  In the case of unforeseen circumstances, rescheduling after contest registration as begun, a new contest date shall be announced to all those that have registered via a public verbal announcement, e-mail and / or phone calls followed by a public announcement such as SEN. Special attention shall be made to avoid conflict with other AmCup contests in that region.

f) Contestant eligibility is restricted to residents of the United States, Canada and Mexico.   The residency of a person means the place where a person lives for at least 185 days prior to the start of the America’s Cup cycle for which they desire eligibility. This residency is based on employment status and/or personal ties; in the case of a person not working in North America, a close link between that person and the place where they live must be demonstrated. New residents must contact the Administrator to establish eligibility. Other foreign competitors are not considered in the quantity of entries or in the individual scores.

2) Any number of Designated Contests can be entered and at any contest site.

3) The highest scores from a maximum of four contests will be counted.

4) The total score may include two scores from one site only; all other scores must come from different sites, that is, the scores must come from at least three sites.  Points are scored a follows:


            1st Place                       25 points

            2nd Place                      20 points

            3rd Place                      15 points

            4th Place                      10 points

            5th Place                        5 points

5) Extra "Bonus" points are scored on the number of contestants in an event:

            1 - 5                             0 points

            6 - 8                             +1 point

            9 - 11                            +2 points

            12 - 14                          +3 points

            15 - 17                          +4 points

            18 or more                    +5 points  

6) Contest ties must be settled, or else the competitors receive the lowest score possible.  For example, if three tie for first place and the ties are not settled, then each of the three receives the third place score (15 points).  If two tie for fourth place and no settlement, each receives 5 points.  If five or more max out with no flyoffs, then each receives 5 points.  Bonus points are added to the above scores.

Contest ties are to be broken in a sporting manner, in which the event’s models are flown.  A single “flyoff” flight or the results of a future contest are the preferred methods for tiebreakers.  The sportsmen are responsible for arranging a suitable tiebreaker.  The results of the tiebreaker are to be documented in writing (e-mail), and agreed upon by the participants.  If attempts at breaking the tie are ultimately unsuccessful, the America’s Cup Committee is responsible for adjudication.  Ties must be broken within 60 days of the contest or by the conclusion of the first AmCup contest of the following year, whichever is sooner, or the scores will remain as ties with the lower score recorded.

7) Ties for first place in the final scoring are settled by counting 5 contests in totals or more if necessary, Rule 4 not used.  If this does not settle a tie, then taking the scores from the five best contests and multiplying by the total number of contestants in the 5 contests in the competitor’s event determines the winner.

8) For contests with fewer than 5 entrants, full points will be awarded as per Rule 5.  In the case of only one entrant, 25 points will be awarded only if all other conditions of these rules are met; the contestant must fly in a sportsman-like manner.

9)  'Entry' means - made at least one official flight.

10) Points are scored on the calendar year basis.  The America's Cups 1st place perpetual awards (F1A,B,C,G,H,J) and 1st place trophies will be awarded at a banquet on Saturday night of the Max Men 14 Round International Contest in California.  Also, certificates for the first five places and for Junior High Point will be awarded. S.C.A.T. will pay for the Cups to be shipped to the winners who are unable to attend. However, it is the responsibility of the winners to have their names engraved on the placard and return the Cups to the America's Cup Administrator in time for the next Awards Banquet.  If Cups must be shipped, it is the responsibility of the winners to insure the America’s Cups for $400.00 US.

11) Contest Directors or FAI Event Sponsors are required to send full contest results. Please include all contestants, all round scores with indication of all FAI Junior scores and any non-AmCup entries in each event to Jim Parker, preferably in Excel format via email within two weeks of the event.  Plain text, WORD, RTF electronic formats or Paper copies will be accepted. Contest results with the above information should also be sent to SCAT Electronic News (SEN).

America’s Cup Administrator:

Jim Parker                                                                 SCAT Electronic News (SEN)
9524 Ruffner  Ave                                                          <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
North Hills, CA  91343
<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hartill Trophy 2009-2010

The SCAT Hartill Trophy program is supplemental & provisional to the AmCup program.


The Hartill Trophy’s purpose:  


To provide an alternate incentive for FAI FF North American flyers over a two year period using the most competed AmCup contests.


1) Hartill Trophy designated contests must be flown in accordance with the provisions of the Am Cup rules, FAI Sporting Code and as follows:


a) The events F1A, B, C, G, H, J and will be included in the Hartill Trophy program.


b) Individual entry for the Hartill Trophy is $50 US and due by July 4, 2009.  Contest scores are counted against all AmCup entrants but only the scores of the paid Hartill Trophy entrants will be listed. Scores will be retro-actively scored from the time of entrant payment. If there is not 5 or more Hartill Trophy entrants in an event on July 4, 2009, that event will be dropped and the entry fees will be returned. The total collected entry fees will be used for the cash reward per section 8. The other operational costs will be covered by SCAT.


c) The maximum number of Hartill Trophy contests is 16 over a 2 year cycle.

The designated contests for the 2009-2010 seasons are:

Feb, Winter Classic, CA
Mar, SCAT Annual, CA
June, Skyscraper Challenge, NY
June, July, MMM FAI Denver, CO

Aug, Huron Cup, Canada

Oct, SW Challenge, Las Vegas

Nov, Patterson, CA

Jan, SW Regional, AZ

Feb, MaxMen, CA

May Big Al, CA

June, Skyscraper Challenge, NY
July, MMM FAI Denver, CO
Aug, Tangent, OR (which of the two, tbd)
Oct, Sierra Cup, CA

2) Any number of designated contests can be entered and at any contest site.


3) The highest scores from 7 contests will be counted.


4) Points are scored a follows:

            1st Place                        25 points

            2nd Place                       20 points

            3rd Place          & nbsp;            15 points

            4th Place                       10 points

            5th Place                         5 points

5) Extra "Bonus" points are scored on the number of contestants in an event:

            1-5                                0 points

            6-8                              +1 point

            9-11                            +2 points

            12-14                          +3 points

            15-17                          +4 points

            18-20                          +5 points



6) Ties for first place in the final scoring are settled by counting eight contests in the totals or more if necessary. If this does not settle a tie, then taking the scores from the seven best contests and multiplying by the total number of Hartill Trophy entrants in the seven contests in the competitor’s event determines the winner.


7) 'Entry' means - entrant making one official flight and scoring at least 50% of the regular round (i.e. no fly-off) winning.


8) The Hartill Trophy first, second and third place winners will receive a trophy, certificate and 50%, 35% and 15% split of the total entry fee collected for that event. Awards will be given at the SCAT AmCup banquet on Saturday night of the 2011 Max Men International Contest in California.


Make Hartill Trophy entry fee check out to SCAT and send to:

Jim Parker 
9524 Ruffner  Ave  

North Hills, CA  91343

Lost Hills Update

As some of you know I've contracted Valley Fever. It's almost certain that it entered my system during the Sierra Cup week in October.

Looking back at my activities that week I remember getting bogged down with my chase bike in the soft plowed field just north of the flight line. I chewed up all sorts of dust and smoke during that encounter and most likely some of the Coccidioides fungus.

I would suggest that Lost Hills flyers try to stay out of that field, or at least don a painters mask before entering same.

I,m feeling much better after a bad month, however the jury is still out on my lungs.

Jack Emery

Roger Morrell