SEN 1275 2008

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  2. Am Cup Update
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Pan American Open 2009

Team and Individual Free Flight Contest and Championship

Thursday,Feb 12, 2009; Lost Hills, California

AMA Sanction #09-0159


The Pan American Open is both an individual and team event; open to all participants regardless of nationality, and any self formed team, regardless of the nationality of the members. It is both an open contest and will serve as a Pan American Championships for any team or participant from the Americas, North or South.


Teams must be entered prior to the start of the contest, and are to be self arranged by the competitors themselves.   They are encouraged to be nationally/legal residency based, and there is no limit on the number of teams from any one country. Mixed nationality teams are also permitted. Again, the composition of the teams is entirely up to the contestants – particularly in cases where you have multiple teams from the same nations. As examples, you could have teams based on the home states of their members – Team USA (California) and Team USA (New York). Alternately, you can form teams based on some larger region; Mixed Team (Scandinavia), or teams based on no affiliation at all: Team (Boris, Mario, & Pierre), etc...


The non-American or mixed teams are eligible for the team contest awards, but only teams from the Americas and purely based on national lines can win the Pan American Team Championship.   It should be noted that a mixed American team could not win the title, as it does not represent a unique Pan American nation. For the purposes of the Pan American Championship, only the national composition of the teams is important, not how the team was composed. As multiple teams are allowed from the same nation, everyone will have a chance to form a team and compete.


Individual participants, both American and foreign, could also always join the contest without a team affiliation and only compete for the individual awards.

(F1A, F1B, and F1C)
Feb 12, 2009
Round 1:           8AM
Round 2:           9AM
Round 3:           10AM
Round 4:           11AM
Round 5:           12PM
Round 6:           1PM
Round 7:           2PM

Flyoff 8:            3:30 PM

Flyoff 9:            4:30 PM

Flyoff 10:          To be Decided

First Round Max, conditions permitting
F1A: 210; F1B: 240; F1C: 240

1) Medals will be awarded for the top three contestants in each class, and the top three teams in each class, regardless of nationality.

2) A separate award will be given to the top North or South American individual and team in each class, along with the title of Pan American Champion.

3) Certificates of participation will be given to all contestants.


The entry fee for all classes and participants is $30USD per person. There is no additional entry fee for teams, however, so everyone is encouraged to form into teams and compete for the team awards. Fees must be paid prior to the start of the contest.


To register, a contestant must fill out the required INDIVIDUAL registration form and pay the required fee. Please note that this must be done in advance of the contest.

To register a team, one member of the team must submit the required TEAM REGISTRATION form, indicating the names of all team members and nationalities. There is no fee for team registration. Teams may be formed, registrations completed, and given to the CD up until Wednesday, February 11th



- Contestants and teams will time each other’s flights.

- Using motorcycles to affect the flight of the model in any way will not be permitted.

- F1C Competitors must provide their own fuel.
- FAI Sporting Codes Apply
- All Competitors must have AMA Insurance

- All Competitors must be members of the Lost Hills Free Flight Association

- This is an AMA Sanctioned Event (No FAI License required)

- All scorecards must be submitted by each participant to the scorekeeper by the end of each round.

Contest Director:
Ron Felix

P.O. Box 74, Solebury, PA 18963

TEL: 215-297-8712,
FAX: 215-297-9980,
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Individual Entries should be received with check payable to Ron Felix by January 29, 2009. Entry of teams may be done up until Wednesday, February 11th.  Non-USA competitors may advise of entry before January 29th, but must pay no later than February 11th.

(Note: This contest is a joint USA & Canadian Effort, created and developed by Z.C Lenartowicz, Peter Allnutt, Ladi Horak, Todor Bodajiev, and several others).

Pan American Open 2009

Registration Form – INDIVIDUAL


Name: _________________________________________________

Nationality: _____________________________________________
Category:     F1A                     F1B                       F1C
Administrative Purposes Only:
Entry Fee Paid:__________________
AMA Insurance:_________________

Lost Hill Free Flight Association Membership:____________________


Pan American Open 2009

Registration Form – TEAM


Team Name:______________________________________________


NOTE: Please enter the common nationality of all 3 team members, and a team name if you wish to be further indentified (Nationality: ‘USA’, Team Name: ‘New York State’, for example). If the 3 team members do not have a common nationality, leave the Nationality field blank and only enter an identifying team name of your choosing (Scandinavia, Western Europe, etc…)

Category:     F1A                     F1B                       F1C

Member #1 Name:________________________________________

Country of Legal Residence:_________________________________

Member #2 Name:________________________________________


Country of Legal Residence:_________________________________


Member #3 Name:________________________________________


Country of Legal Residence:_________________________________


Am Cup Update

In the 2009 AmCup with Hartill  Trophy rules and message posted on SEN an NFFs website last week, there were two minor errors, F1P was left  off the list of events for perpetual trophies and I listed an old/ wrong email  for Roger Morrell to send the AmCup results. I'll also mention, for the Hartill  Trophy cup contests, I need round by round scores.  Most CDs have gone to  this format.


    I also did not mention the EFFS, MD contest run by Tom Kerr was ended by Tom.  This AmCup sanction is going to the Wilbur and Orville contest in Sept at  Wayawanda. All other AmCup contests will be the same. NFFS master calendar is  just now being buil
t but is does have Jan and Feb 2009 with SW Regional at Eloy,  the Winter Classic at Lost   Hills listed as well as the Fourth California Cup  F1E which is an AmCup contest as well although not currently shown that way.  MaxMen not yet shown for Feb 13-16, 2009 and of course is AmCup as well as  World Cup. NFFS also has the 2009 Western States Regional FF Contest Schedule  posted which show these AmCup contests.


    Before jumping into 2009, the King Orange in about a week away and is the last  contest of the 2008 AmCup season. There were four first place changes at AZ  Champs two weeks ago so here's a quick recap.
F1A- Rene Limberger held on to  the lead. Brian VanNest needs a 28 point (12 flyers) to tie and win. Not likely  in that 2006 KO had a surprising zero entries so unless the Barron F1A team has  grown from the 2007,   seven entries to  twelve, which is not likely in that Andrew can’t gain the lead even with a 30  point, 18 entries win. Rene looks good for repeat AmCup win.
F1B- Paul Crowley and Blake Jensen  came to the great southwest for a rubber band shootout. FAI competition does  not get much better than this. First a 4 man fly off then down to two, Paul and  Blake going for 7 minutes. Wonderful flyoff conditions—Blake climbed higher,  something about May 99 and had the win and the AmCup first place. Paul only  needs to gain 2 poin
ts to g  et the lead back with a simple 25 point win. In 2006  Blake won both the AZ champs and KO to win the AmCup. Will he go to KO to  defend his first place or depend on Jim Bradley should Paul fly?
F1C- Don Chesson and Dick  Mathis made the drive from the swamps and did what he needed to do to regain& nbsp; the AmCup lead. Roger Simpson could return the favor with a 25 point tie and  win at KO.  Will Don hope Roger stays  home or Gil Morris, the only 2007 KO flyer will  protect his lead or leave his swamp to go to  the KO swamp to control his own destiny?.
F1P- Cody Secor accomplished  his goal with the AZ win taking the lead from the 2007 winner, Bob Hanford.
F1G- Peter Brocks gained ground on  Tiffany Odell's lead. Tiffany did not make the flyoff so could only watch (time)  as Peter won in fine fashion in less than ideal condition that were enjoyed the  day before. Both Eddie Vanlandingham and Peter can take the lead with a 25  point win at KO. I believe Eddie has made plans to go.  
F1H- Brian VanNest again needed  more flyers than the contest had to help his cause   and so while he won at AZ,  Mike McKeever retained the lead. KO had zero F1H flyers last year. Where have  all the KO glider flyers gone—gone to F1B gone every one----.
F1J- Zero flyers in the last 2  contests. Faust Park
er’s lead looks good, in that Jean Pailet or Dave Rounsaville  would need to win KO with 9 entries to take first.
F1Q- Bernie Crowe did what he  had to do—patch a model together at AZ and get the required 5 rounds completed for  the win and AmCup points. Second place Dick Wood can’t beat him but both Frank  Pollard and Dan Berry can take the win with a 25 point win at KO.
F1E—Peter Brocks has had this  wrapped up for some time—Threpeat!
Send corrections. Deadline for corrections  is Jan 17, 2009. Make plans for the 2008-2009 SCAT AmCup Awards Banquet, Feb 14,  2009, Wasco California,  Elks Lodge. Were else would your FF darling want to spend Valentines Day?  We will be celebrating SCAT’s 50th  anniversary and recognizing the club’s founding fathers
Thermals, JIM

Yet another  Correction

 Opps- gave Brian VanNest's AZ Champs F1G  points to Vanlandingham . Tiffany  is still in the lead but  Brocks, VanNest, Jones or Vanlandingham can take the lead with a win at KO.

Pseudo Desert Challenge

SCATTERs and Friends ..

Official fireman Peter Allnutt has a good stock of firewood and? a good feeling about the weather for a revival of the desert challenge. So,weather permitting, we will be at the Taft field on Saturday January 3rd for? informal flying, serious fire, delicious bar-b-que and delightful talk.

This is 2 weeks before SWR, Eloy AZ.

FAI Updates Available

The FAI contest calendar for 2009 is now available

Information on the 2009 World Champs in Croatia

best regards
David Ackery



December 2008
You are invited to fly in the c
FAI, America's and National Cup events. Last year, we had over 200 (OK, it was 201) entries!
- Norm and Roger

ISAACSON WINTER CLASSIC - February 7,8&9, 2009 Lost Hills, CA
This is a Cat. II contest.
Saturday Only
F1A, B, C, P & Q
Gollywocks! A Bob White Event
Sunday Only
F1G, H, & J
FAI Style, Handheld Catapult Glider
Fly Saturday or Sunday
Nostalgia Wakefield A Bob White Event!
Nostalgia Gas 1/4A,Early 1/2A,1/2A,A,B,C
Hand Launch Glider
Classic Glider

After Awards Leeper’s 12CLG Mass Launch. 12” max span, 10gram minimum, AMA outdoor stick and rubber launcher. Lee Hines – Event director

Monday - F1E

Entry Fee:
$15.00 - includes one event. Additional events $5.00 each.
AMA, MAAC or AMA Affiliate and Lost Hills Assoc. membership required!
Lost Hills Free Flight Association Membership
Contact: George Walter
2412 Deerpark Dr.
Fullerton, CA 92835
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
$10 for 10 days,$20 one year, $35 two years
Make checks to: Lost Hills Free Flight Association

Jr.-Sr. Open Class combined.
First through third, each event.
Perpetual Gollywock and Nos. Wake awards, courtesy of Bob White
RAFFLE at Awards Ceremony, Buddenbohm glider kits, winners MUST be present!

Contest Directors:
Norm Furutani 15423 Haas Ave. Gardena, CA 90249 (310) 323-1943
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roger Morrell
1916 B Gates Ave.
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
(310) 374-2136
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roger Morrell