SEN issue 1155 - 22 Nov 2007

Table of Contents - SEN 1155

  1. Southwest Regionals
  2. More on Balsa and Tissue
  3. US FF TEam Calendar
  4. Possible Propos for Roy
  5. Leaper on the Patterson


Southwest Regionals Eloy January 2008

From: Al Lidberg This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Wed Nov 21, 2007 11:40 am (PST)

This note is a reminder that the SW Regionals will take place at Eloy,
Arizona on 19, 20, 21 January, 2008. 3 contests at the same site:
~AMA, etc Free Flight
~FAI Free Flight
~RC Old Timers
plus a free swap meet at the field on Saturday afternoon after the contest

Changes from 2007:
~ We'll have all the same events, plus:
- AMA etc Free Flight runs all 3 days
- There's postal contest for Rapier rocket models
- At RC Old Timers, there's a new event for Speed 400 electric motors

~ We won't be mailing out a flier this time [trying to save some $], but the
contest will be listed in Model Aviation, on the NFFS website, and on the
AMA website. Please share this note with your newsletter editors and remind
your friends that we hope to see them at Eloy!

You can see the event listings, rules for special events, maps, places to
stay, and links to past SWRs at the link shown below.

Make your travel plans now!

A. A. [AL] Lidberg model plan service
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. See the new Trenton Terror at:
_www.aalmps. com_ (http://www.aalmps. com/)
2008 Southwest Regionals Eloy in January:
_www.aalmps. com/swrintronu. htm_ (http://www.aalmps. com/swrintronu. htm)

More On the balsa and Tissue

Posted by: "David Mitchell" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   on Yahoo FFML

Tue Nov 20, 2007 7:43 am (PST)

I have to concur re: "Dons Tissue". Didn't much care for the stuff.
Re: Balsa--The current owner of EasyBuilt Models, Dave Niedjelsky, sells
graded balsa as well. Check out the website. Saw him last month at the
Wawayanda event, where I bought some good quality stuff from him. He
mentioned he is currently having a hell of a time getting balsa that
meets his specs, though, an especially difficult situation when you are
trying to put out quality kits.


US Free Flight Team Calendar

Big kudos to the team of Parker, Jensen, and O'Dell!! Recieved the World Champs calendar and I am impressed. Not just because I got into it (as a supporter, it is nice to see that I was actually there) but also the composite of photos represented what had happened with our two weeks in paradise. Now, did anyone notice the "Exit Only" tattoo?  Should I let it out of the bag and tell everyone that, as a proud parent, that is John's? Nah, I'll let everyone guess who it is....
Thanks again!
John Lorbiecki (I do not have any tattoos)

Possible Props for Roy ?

Hi Roger
     Norm Poti used to make large diameter power model folding propellors  He probably still does.  Norm lives in or near Dayton Ohio.  Roy Should try him for large folders.
Tom Ioerger

Leeper on the Patterson

For the unfortunate ones who did not, or could not attend last weekends
Patterson FAI Challenge at Lost Hills, let me tell you, it was as near
perfect FF conditions as you could ever ask for!
Gentle lift with slight drift and most of the max retrievals were within a
few hundred yards of launch point. 
Sometimes it was easier & closer[in glider anyway]to wait til your plane
landed and walk over to it, than go back for your bike.
Some might say that a contest on such idyllicly perfect days runs itself,
but that of course is not true.
Susanna and Hector Diez had done all the right moves in preperation for
the event, so the great weather was certainly a relief and a bonus to them.
If I may take this opportunity to thank them for their fine organisation and
smiling, helpful presence.
And while I am at it, I could say much the same words of praise regards
the Southwest FAI Challenge held last month at Las Vegas, which
Bill Booth Jr runs for the SD Orbiteers.
So it seems we have been blest with superb FF flying this entire autumn,
as I heard the Sierra Cup was excellent as well.
I was jealous to have to miss that one when my lumbar/sciatica acted up.
It sure felt good to be out there running freely again and flying with all my
FF mates!
Leeper, the Scribe

Roger Morrell