SEN issue 1154 - 20 Nov 2007

Table of Contents- SEN 1154

  1. Lost Hills Lore
  2. Folders on E-Bay
  3. Wanted Folding propellors
  4. Balsa Sources
  5. Ed's Comments

Lost Hills Lore

Seen at Lost Hills last weekend small piles of stones. Is this some Native American group activity? A covern of witches, with their magic timers, The Lost Hills FF assoc marking their territory or the edge of the road in case of an el-nino snow fall ? or just People with just too much time on their hands?

Also new inhabitants to the west were large number of bee hives. Bee ranching and of course corresponding bee rustling is on the increase and it looks like a rancher has stashed his to the west where many years ago the grape vines were. I guess he thinks they are hidden from the rustlers. They seemed to like Yellow airplanes and it looks like a Suzuki was the wrong bike choice for riding in bee territory.  This is not a long term problem because a time passes the hives will be loaded on to trucks and moved to where the farmer needs them to do their thing.

Finally really great weather for the Patterson - hopefully results later but there was an all Italian F1C flyoff with Ghio beating Menanno. Again age and cunning beats youth and vigour.

Folders on e-Bay !

From :EoB
Marquiss SCAT,

I see the popular auction site eBay is selling plans for a 1942 folding wing FF design. Do observers of your superb organ think it will catch on ?

(eBay item number 150184566841).


Wanted Folding Propellers

From:Roy Summersby

Does anyone out there know where I can buy an 8x4 folding propeller.

(It is for open power - OS 25. I would also like a 10x4 for the Nelson but
I think that would be in the to hard basket???)

Roy Summersby.

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Balsa Sources

Posted by: "Ian McQueen" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. On Yahoo FFML

Mon Nov 19, 2007 2:36 pm (PST)

There has been some alarming news recently about the problem of
obtaining good balsa- or even <any> balsa. I have some good news. I have
just contacted Don Wilson who, with his twin brother Ron, operated Easy
Built models for many years before selling to the present owner.
For years, Don has been cutting and selling balsa in all common
thicknesses and shapes, and he has a good supply of good (i.e., light) wood.
Don is willing to select wood, but at an added cost. Discuss with him if you
wish something special.
Don also has a good supply of light covering material (paper) that he
had made to his specs. He says that it is similar to Silkspan and is
comparable (close to) in weight to tissue, and that it has good wet
strength, but I do not have first-hand experience with it. He calls it
"Don's Litespan".
In conjunction with Trillium Balsa, he offers laser cutting, but this
would be of interest more to kitmakers than individuals due to the cost of
programming the shapes.
Other products include plywood, basswood, and aircraft-grade spruce.

Don has catalogs / price lists of his products. I presume only on paper;
Don didn't mention a price list on a website. Contact him by e-mail at
lcdw@sympatico. ca. You can also phone (905-945-5647) or FAX (905-945-4169) .
He regularly ships within Canada and to USA by mail. I am sure that he can
ship anywhere in the world. Don is thoroughly reliable, and his prices are


Ed's Comments

HOORAY for Peck!!

 Ed Mate

On Kiwi Power

Thanks Chris. Where all do they fly this event please? Who can I contact for the Russian diesels?

One Answer - Kiwi Power - flown in New Zealand - that's how we got started on this it will be in the supporting events for the NZ World Cup Events flown at Omarama next April.

What model did Jim fly in straight tow please? Ed Mate

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> Table of Contents - SEN 1152 and 1153
> ====================================
> 1. Straight to the Win
> 2. Alistair McKenzie
> 3. 59th Annual Inter-Cities meet
> 4. Business News - Peck buys Sting
> 5. Why you sometimes get a number of SENs
> 6. Kiwi Power

Roger Morrell