SEN 97-38 - 18 Dec 1997

News and Reports - 1997 Issue 97-38

SCAT Electronic News 18 December 1997

Electronic Timer Sympo

I guess Matt and I did not explain ourselves fully about the
Electronic Timer Sympo to be held at Lost Hills at the time of the Max
Men 14 Rounder. This is NOT just Matt and I talking about what we do.
Both of us are first and foremeost model flyers and believe in promoting
the good of our sport/hobby above personal profit. Anyone who produces
Eletronic timers is invited to speak. We have sent invitations
to people we know how to contact. This includes Bill Turner, Victor
Stamov, Ken Bauer, Rod Mogle and Allard van Wallene. We do undertand
that not everyone will be in California in February so some of
these people way not be there. If we missed someone out
who would like to talk please get in touch with us. We are hoping
that a number of people will be there to show what is available.

We believe that these timer offer significant advantages, but we understand
some of the concepts are not clear, to the typical sportsman
and that there are a number of different approaches. During the contest
everyone is too busy flying, so this the the opportunity to
find out what is going on.

Prices of F1B Models escalate ..

Rumor has it that a certain 'Rich' central California F1B flyer
put an extra 0 in the check for one of Gorban's F1B models.
I guess we can expect to see Gorban and his buddy Ed Turner
to roll up to the Max Men 14 Rounder in a Cadillac.

America's Cup

At a recent SCAT meeting a proposal to not reduce the points attributed
for contests with less than 5 contestants was defeated.

There may be some revision of the qualifing contests. This depends on the
availability of Eastern sites. One change is that the SCAT Annual, held in
March will be an America's Cup Event. The date for this will be the 7-8
or 14-15 of March, it does depend on the date of a shooting contest, with
dogs and horses that is held once a year at Lost Hills [not on 'our' land].
They use live ammunition and our models were drifting the wrong way last
year. We are working making sure there is no conflict this year.

The first America's Cup event is the South West Regionals in Arizona on
17 and 18 January.

The calendar will be published when the event organizers get their dates
to Jim Parker and Tom Coussens.

FAI News

The FAI is hoping that all World Championships held in 1991 will be
held as part of the World Air Games. They have 4 candidate countries, but
did not publish which countries they were. They also said that the host
country would have to be satisfy more rigourous conditions than Turkey
did this year. There could be a problem for us if that country did not have
FF knowledgeable people or a suitable site. The FF event in Turkey was
not well run.

Roger Morrell