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SEN 2834

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help from sen readers

From: John Clapp 

What is the smart way to use a pager motor to release a DT ;line?
Thanks for any help.
John Clapp

Need some Help

From: Graham Selick

I am in need of a good cylinder and piston plus the clip to retain the wrist pin for a   Nelson  2.5.  I purchased a nice engine, but apparently the previous owner, for some inexplicable purpose.  had disassembled it and failed to properly seat the circlip holding the pin. It let go at 25K+ rpm on the test stand and totally ruined the piston and sleeve. 

Hopefully, somebody on SEN can steer me in the right direction for a new or good piston, cylinder and the wrist pin retainer. 

Graham  Selick  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


USA Nats Info

Info and entries for the 2021 USA Nats is here