SEN 2447 - Looking for TET, hold the line, cut the line while protesting properly

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Looking for TET, hold the line, cut the line while protesting properly


  1. Looking for Tiny Electronic  Timer
  2. Once more Fly-off
  3. More DT
  4. Sporting code



Looking for Tiny Electronic  Timer


From:Ross Jahnke



May I interrupt the debate over fly-off rules with an inquiry about timers?


I would like (*love*) to have an electronic two-function timer for use in

my P-30 and F1G models. It would need to be very light, less than 6 grams

with battery and servo/actuator. The E-20 timer would work if someone can

explain how to turn the motor run function into an auto surface function.


I used a Tomy timer for VIT on my (recently lost) P-30 which makes the

climb spectacular. In coupe I would like to try wing wiggler only, like

Louis Joyner. In either case, I can't afford much weight.


Any ideas?



Once more Fly-off


From:Cenny Breeman


Models can reach an altitude of 100 meters + by the start nowadays and as a consequence can do up to seven minutes or more. It is common practice that Fly offs are decided in a 10 min max round. That this calls for problems is obvious.  Our models have too much potential. This can however be solved by one simple rule change. Forbid to release the line at the start. This will reduce the potential of the models to 3 to 4 minutes and we could go back to the old fly off system of one minute increments. The contest would probably end with a 4 or 5 min max.

Simple and efficient. 


Cenny Breeman


more DT


From: John Carter


Hi again, some noble comments from those who have returned a mail.

But as IK noted one day internationals are sometimes in the difficult position to get a result most event organisers only have limited site use for the event and most entrants don’t have an open calendar to attend the contest for longer time than necessary.


We need to change the sporting code  and make it as John  Cuthbert stated fit for purpose .

We have a problem,  How to finish and resolve tied positions /full scores after the final round . Please can we have as I originally said positive comment with some ideas how to move forward. If we just sweep the issue under the table and site, follow the code

(Sounds like a quote from Pirates of the Caribbean) The DT fly off will continue to be a heavenly  unpopular end to a contest .


May be for F1a in the fly off only

Working time 2minutes

Shorten tow line to 30 metres

I will leave comments on other classes to those that fly them.


John Carter



Sporting code

From :Frédéric ABERLENC  

I am extremely happy to see that my small comment about DT Fly Off in UK lead to such discussions.

Some people have very nice ideas about Fly Off organisation... But again: if it is not in the Sporting Code, they can not apply such ideas even if they are clever.

Following such considerations, I ask again:

1-To cancel the Fly Off of Equinox Cup 2018 and to share the first position between clear competitors.

2-To cancel the Eurofly Fly off 2017 where the Fly Off was mixed with the last flight.

If these 2 actions are not done, we are completely loosing the credibility of our competitions.

In parallel, we have to make some proposal in order to improve the Sporting Code.




Editor’s Comment 


Frederic –  The answer to your request is in your request  - The Sporting Code . You don’t make offical protests about contest in the media. There is a process for lodging a process, Maitre Chaussebourg referred to it, perhaps you need a legal consultation from him?


I must admit that this is part of the Sporting Code I’m not familiar with. Can a person make a protest about the results of a competition if they were not there or not taking part ? Is there a limit about how long after the event it can be made ? According to Maitre Pierre’s note it would go to the jury, their names are on the jury report but not contact information.