SEN 2392

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  1. Fab Feb reminder
  2. Lost Hills Weather - Encore
  3. Bee Navigation
  4. Hi Tech F1B for sale
  5. The Nut King and the Pomegranate Queen



Fab Feb Reminder


The Fab Feb  sign up is at the original Lost Hills Community Center on Friday 9 Feb. This is a different building from the one we used last year.  This is on Highway 46 at the traffic lights in Lost Hills on the North side of the road. It is from 11AM to 5 PM.  People who have pre-entered need to show up with their competition license, pay the entry and associated fees and sign the safety sheet.  Note that if you can’t make on Friday you can still sign up before the start or your event.  Entries for the AMA events and late entries for the FAI events  will be taken at the Friday sign up.


Lost Hills Weather - Encore


From: Chuck Etherington  


Lost Hills Weather


Another forecast resource is the National Weather Service “Point Forecast.” It enables you to request an extended forecast for a specific geographic point that you provide. It also includes an “Hourly Weather Forecast” graph. You click on it to open and then choose the weather elements you want displayed (surface wind, temp, precip, etc.) and the date and time you want the 48-hr display to begin. I generally set it for the date and time the contest starts. The below URL should take you to the website (already set for the Lost Hills flying field):


Chuck Etherington


Bee Navigation


    From: Kevin Sherman 


Hi Roger:  I got stung at Lost Hills several years ago when the bees were there.  While chasing, I noticed the bees use the worn in paths as navigation aids.  When I road off the trails and through the weeds, there were no bees.  Riding on the trails, bees were all around me.  Also noticed they were sometimes confused with white RVs thinking they were hives. A little tip you might want to share with the SEN readers.  


Also want to congratulate Bill Vanderbeek.  He is a deserving recipient and a heck of a nice guy.  I do not know if Bill Booth has ever won it, but his work with juniors and contributions would make another worthy recipient.


Kevin Sherman


Editor’s comments – The bees are at Lost Hills to pollinate the trees. The Fab Feb is just on the early side of the pollination period so it depends are how things are being scheduled if they are there.


 High tech F1B models for sale:


   From: tony mathews 




High tech F1B models for sale:

Due to physical health issues Ladislav Horak (Canada) is no longer able to fly at a high competitive level. Therefore he wishes to sell his newest F1B models and will fly his older models for fun competition only.


The 3 models for sale are all Tony Mathews’ design including Ladi's 4th place model with Stefanchuk carbon wings from the 2017 W/C in Hungary.


The other two models have D box wings covered in Icarex.


They have the latest front ends from Vivchar with the flat folding feature, Varadi pylons and Varadi carbon props. All models use the BE6949FVN “Vee nose” airfoils and are equipped with turbulators.


Timer is Micro Magic by Roger Morrell.


Models are trimmed and ready to fly and are under weight ready to fly (including GPS!)(require some slight ballast).


Prices are negotiable with Ladi.


Postage extra or available in February at the Fab Feb events.


Contact Ladi Horak @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by cell: +1 (416) 939-0136?



the Nut King and the Pomegranate Queen



There was a recent article in The California Sunday magazine  called a Kingdom from Dust . This is an independent magazine that is distributed in some Sunday News papers, including the LA Times.  It talks about our neighbors at Paramount Farms/ The Wonderful company and how they have made a success of farming in very difficult conditions around Lost Hills ,… well we know Lost Hills too. It also talks about some of the philanthropic activities that we have observed in Lost Hills .  While they have been successful they do face some challenges in the future, mostly around the shortage of water.  While we had some good rain last year, that was preceded by a significant period of drought , that drought appears to have return this winter as we have not seen much rain.