Online Entries for Fab Feb 2020

The online entry form got Fab Feb 2020 is now available. Note that the official CIAM World Cup Calendar has not come out yet. The CIAM meeting is at the beginning of December, but no issues are anticipated.


All people flying in the FAI event should enter on line. Your entry will be taken and you will be given a summary of the charges. You do not pay until you arrive a Lost Hills. Most people will pay on 7 February, the Friday before the week’s flying starts but if you arrive later you still pay and take part in the contest. There can be up to 200 entries and it is just not possible to take care of everything before the first round of the Kiwi Cup.  The AMA safety sheet and other forms are pre-printed ready for you so you do not have to write anything out and just need to sign them.

Online entry is not taken for the AMA events that are part of the Ike.