Kiwi Cup Information

Isaacson Winter Classic and Kiwi World Cup

Lost Hills, California, 8-10 February 2020


Kiwi Cup FAI events

World and America’s Cup


Kiwi - New Zealand World Cup! F1A, B, C, P & Q


7 round Schedule: Saturday 8 Feb, Reserve day Monday 10 February 2019

1                    8:00am–9:00am

2                    9:00am–10:00am

3 - 7              on the hour, to 3pm; Round One Max: 240 seconds, all others 180.

Fly-Off Schedule:

First fly-off - 6 minute max.

F1A              3:30pm–3:40pm           F1C/P/Q          4:00pm–4:10pm

F1B               3:45pm–3:55pm             Additional rounds to be announced


No official time keepers provided - fliers help. Official flight line by class, no poles assigned.


Jean Batten Awards

For highest placing lady flier in each of  F1ABCPQ and F1GHJS

Grand Master Award

For best performance in F1ABC or Q  by a sportsman over 75


Kiwi F1G, H, J* & S – Sunday 9 February 2019


*F1J - contingent on pre-entries (4 minimum)


Round one, 8:00 AM ‘Champagne Flyoff’ Time to the ground. Round Schedule:

Rounds 1-5, two minute max.

1   8:00am–8:45am

2   9:00am–9:45am

3   9:45am–10:30am

4   10:30am–11:15am

5   11:15am–12:00pm

Fly-Offs will begin at 12:15 noon and finish by 3:00.

 At 3:00, any remaining ties will be broken by using Champagne Flight Times


 Kiwi World Cup F1E - Monday 10 February 2019


10am-3pm. Five one hour rounds. On Holloway Hill. Peter Brocks, Event Director




FAI Events Pre-Entry on SEN and pre-Registration Fri. 9 February 9AM to 3 PM

 Additional contest information

FAI Classes entry form for the Fab Feb contests :

 You do not pay until you are at Lost Hills.  The Pre-Entry will tell you how much and includes other Fab Feb FAI Events – the North American Cup, California F1E Cup and MaxMen International

Entry Fees:

"Kiwi" World Cup events $30

All others, $20.00 - includes one event.

Additional events $5.00 ($10 World Cup) each.

CD Roger Morrell 1916 B Gates Ave., Redondo  Beach, CA 90278, e-mailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In memory of our dear friends, Bob and LaVera Isaacson