SEN 2863 October Scheduled Altimeters

SEN 2863


October Scheduled Altimeters


1. October Lost Hills Events Revised schedule

2. Altimeter accuracy

3. Altimeter Contests and Flyoffs

4. Looking for ..



October Lost Hills Events Revised schedule


Firstly, Thanks to those who sent us info on their October plans, it will help with the planning


For reasons that can probably be classed as Covid Confusion two of the contests originally said to be World Cup Contests, namely the Kiwi Cup and North American CupCANNOT be World Cup events and will be run as local events qualifying as America’s Cup Events.


These changes are indicated in BOLD below, there are no other changes

Saturday October 2: Kiwi Cup F1ABCPQ World Cup   =>  Saturday October 2: Kiwi Cup F1ABCPQ America's Cup

Isaacson for AMA

Sunday October 3: Kiwi Cup Mini Events                      => Sunday October 3: Kiwi Cup Mini Events America's Cup
Isaacson for AMA

Monday October 4: Kiwi Cup F1E World Cup (Kiwi F1ABCPQ Reserve Day)  => Monday October 4: Kiwi Cup F1E America's Cup (Kiwi F1ABCPQ Reserve Day)

Tuesday October 5: Cal Cup F1E World Cup

Wednesday October 6: Open

Thursday October 7: Sierra Cup Minis

Friday October 8: Kotuku Cup Minis

Saturday October 9: Sierra Cup F1ABCPQ World Cup

Sunday October 10: Kotuku F1ABCPQ World Cup

Monday October 11: Sierra Cup F1E World Cup (Kotuku F1ABCPQ Reserve)

Tuesday October 12: Kotuku Cup F1E World Cup (Sierra Cup F1ABCPQ Reserve)

Wednesday October 13: Open

Thursday October 14: Open

Friday October 15: Max Men Minis

Saturday October 16: Max Men F1ABCPQ World Cup

Sunday October 17: Canadian North American Cup F1ABCPQ World Cup  => Sunday October 17: Canadian North American Cup F1ABCPQ America's Cup

Monday October 18: Max Men F1ABCPQ Reserve

Tuesday October 19: North American Cup F1ABCPQ Reserve   =>  Tuesday October 19: North American Cup F1ABCPQ Reserve America's Cup



And one addition in November the Dual Clubs event from of this year that was blown out will be flown with the Patterson


Saturday November 13: Patterson F1ABCPQ
Sunday November 14: Patterson Minis


More on this later.



altimeter accuracy



On: altimeter accuracy

There used to be accuracy issues in the past, but things have improved over time. Take the latest barometric sensor which I use for the All-Tee unit:
0.025 hPa relative accuracy and 0.5 hPa absolute accuracy. In aeromodelling competition we are only interested in relative accuracy as we do not want to know how many meters we are over sea level (absolute) but how many meters we are higher (preferably) over our fellow competitors (relative). And 0.025 hPa boils down to 20 cm, well within sporting code.
Of course there are other sources which influence accuracy such as:
-light (yes, shining light on a pressure sensor changes its result!)
-start up stability (some altimeters require a few minutes after switch on before the read outs are reliable and stable)

To tackle all these potential effects, the EDIC certification kicks in:

-Temperature: The All-Tee has been tested on temperature fluctuation. From sub zero (Celsius that is) up to 60C. There was no change in altitude.
-Light: The All-Tee pressure sensor is shielded from light exposure. On top, an altimeter is typically positioned inside a nose pod.
-Stability: the All-Tee does not show any temperature drift after start up and can be used directly
-Reference checks: each All-Tee is tested in an excicator (a vacuum enclosure) against a fixed reference altimeter to verify relative accuracy.

As you can see, the above verification process is more rigorous than being used on the average off the shelf altimeter (if at all). Also the EDIC certified altimeters in other classes (F5J and model rocketry) are not (as far as I know) individually tested against a reference altimeter.

Regards, Allard




  Altimeter Contests and Flyoffs


From: Aram Schlosberg
Altimeters are a gift to free flight. In 2017 at Osland Sweden I was a complete skeptic when a DT flyoff was announced on the last day. Models could be followed 90 seconds into the fog. To my surprise the best fliers won and I became a convert.
Back home. Wawaywanda NY is a small field and flying off the field can land the model in a lot of trouble such as being swallowed by the river monster or landing in an inaccessible location or on the crown of a towering tree. Mature corn or beans can be tough to retrieve from.
We recently held a DT contest, where models DTed at 2:00 and timed to the ground. But a contestant flying a model with a higher DT sink rate viewed it as being somewhat unfair.
I’ve had a private Altimeter contest with Alex, where models were DTed at 1:31 and 1:01 due to strong winds across the field. Both of us considered them as being completely fair. Since this was a competition of two, both of us stood next to each other with fully wound motors (and no timers of course). Each round was a perfect head-to-head quasi flyoff.

Altimeter contests will be possible once all participants have altimeters installed on their models. Since altitude measurements are imprecise, we should consider a flyoff among say the top 5% of the fliers and total their altitudes for the final placing.
Now to a hybrid case, where an altimeter flyoff follows a regular contest. Lost Hills has long flyoffs that end up in the nut orchards to the west or are flown at sunrise towards the sun in the east. When ALL the fliers in a flyoff have altimeters, the final ranking could be based on their altitudes, ahead of all those who have not maxed out – ranked by their times.


It has been suggested that if a FEW fliers don’t have altimeters, that they be timed to the ground; that their altitude at the DT time be backed out by assuming a reasonable DT sink rate. Well, the point about different DT sink rates should be weighed against models flying off the field. ///




Looking for ..


Simon Dixon

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