SEN 2799 - Elephants, Eagles , Titanic and Roosters.

SEN 2799
Elephants, Eagles , Titanic and Roosters.

1. Redirecting the Titanic
3. Unofficially ..

Redirecting the Titanic

Aram Schlosberg
Selecting a free flight team is the easiest part. If one can drive there, sleep in the car and survive on canned tuna for a few days your risk is minimal, as our outdoors sport is perfectly safe.
But once flying/car rental/lodging is thrown in, Covid becomes the elephant in the room. This includes those US flyers beyond driving distance to Lost Hills as well as all the teams that have to fly to the ‘21 World Championship (WC) in France. The French organizers can cancel due to a Covid related “Force Majeure” even as one is boarding the flight to Paris. We face an abundance of red flags and unknowns as Ed and Stuart have articulated on SEN.
Instead, CIAM could postpone the ‘21 WC to ‘22 and COMBINE in with the European Championship (EC), retaining the odd-even cycle after that.
Each country will field a single team. The non-Europeans would compete in the WC while the Europeans would be competings in both. So, if an European wins the WC, they would automatically be the European Champion. But if the top European is forth, they would be still be the European Champion. The same would apply to teams. It’s like drinking a combination of whisky and coffee.
A short detour might be the best option around the elephant in the room. ///


From: Ismet Yurtseven
December 23, 2020

During 2020, my wish and dream of participating in the Free Flight World Championship to be held in France in 2021 was one of my main motivations for happiness and resisting against this terrible virus.

When I read the letters about the cancellation/postponement suggestions of World Championships, I felt very sadly. I am not an expert about the viruses and vaccines. From a logical perspective, I agree with the reasons given for the cancellation/postponement suggestions. On the other hand, my feelings say we need to give a chance for vaccination against Covid-19. We have some more time for final decision. If the organizator accepts, the final decision can be given in April 2021 by CIAM. I wish healthy days, happy days, flying our free flight models again together latest at Moncountour/2021. Let's keep the hope.

With my deepest respects,
Ismet Yurtseven

Unofficially ..

We understand that the final decision on whether a particular World Champs will be held rests with the organizers and the French team organizing the FF World Champs a set this at 4 months before the event making it in April. The AMA has to make a similar decision for World Champs in other disciplines to be held in the USA and they will make that decision in February. Perhaps the AMA recognizes a little better that a World Champs requires people to come from all over the World and this requires that air travel is readily available. Only a very limited number of countries can easily drive to an event in Muncie.

Also while the decision rests with the organizer as they know best the conditions in their country including the availability of the people to run the event. But the event still has to be run to World Champs standards which for example requires a properly qualified jury and Judges, the latter not needed for FF, and many other constraints to ensure the event produces a fair sporting result wothy of a World Champs so the CIAM still requires that event conform with the norms for a World or Continental Champs