SEN 2798

SEN 2798

1. Mauricio Zito
2. Lucid
3. Reluctant
4. Contrary


Mauricio Zito

QEPD...Mauricio Zito, F1C Argentina

Alberto Dona

QEPD Spanish abbreviation for. ( que en paz descanse) Rest in Peace.


From:gary pope To Ed Carroll,

Thank you for your lucid and coherent summary re COVID19 & WC's.




From:Stuart Darmon

I have to say I reluctantly agree with the guys calling for the 2021 Champs to be postponed and the odd- year cycle abandoned. Nobody thinks this is ideal, or easy to do (especially for  the organisers in France), but this is a bona fide emergency and we need to react as such. Firstly, even if the pandemic can be bought under control next year, which as Ed says, is not a given, we won't know for sure until it's too late to plan properly. Most of the world's FF community have done little competitive flying for a year. The best case scenario is rushed team selection and a champs organised on the back foot. Is this really befitting to an event of this status? We may be desperate to get back to normal, but let's not lose track of what 'normal' looks like. 
Meanwhile, there's always electron microscope nostalgia! When I was an undergraduate ours required the specimens to be coated in electron- dense metal such as gold, which cramped their style a fair bit...even then, we could only use the thing at night when the vibration from traffic was at a minimum. Happy days.           


From:Michael Achterberg
Merry Christmas to all.

 I respectfully disagree.. I believe we should pick our team as see what happens with the Virus.. There wont be a miracle disappearance of the Virus by August..But it may be well contained. Most of people will be vaccinated in the US. The projections are the same in Europe.. Now, that being said the Virus will be around for a long time in the world..  Do we stop everything for years more to wait for there to be No cases?? My opinion is No. For the most part we are a bunch of dinosaurs and the age of those being vaccinated first will be older groups more susceptible to the Virus.

Since that is the design setup for vaccination proto call there seems to be little reason to not hold the Finals and attend WC. We still must wear a mask we around people but we are outside in wide open spaces. The problem will be when at our rooms or riding to the field. We have to be smart and just wear our masks.  If we all are vaccinated and wear masks in appropriate situations all should be safe and we can do what we enjoy agsin this coming year. Just my opinion.   Hope all are well and everyone lives are better this coming year.

Take care and be safe.
Thermals again.
Michael Achterberg, the Dino