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SEN 2797

1. Kirda not Korda
2. Bad dad joke ?
3. Comments on Ed'd letter
4. Mutating
5. Ed’s Comments
6. More Microbes

7. Instant B prop start – lost proof ?

Kirda not Korda

Found on the FaceBook There is a mainly Indoor flyer Mike Kirda who has published on You Tube a number of how to Videos. Most of these cover indoor free flight related items. But Mike is clearly going over to the dark side .. or is it really the bright side as it is about outdoor FF. The video link below shows of to cover a F1G stabilizer with Tissue over mylar. Maybe helpful for those doing some extra building
One extra word is that if you search You Tube for Mike Kirda, they may try and give you Mike Korda, while Korda is a good aeromodelling name, it is not this guy, so insist on going for Mike Kirda.

Bad dad joke ?
If building a model while confined to the house/workshop because of Covid, Isn’t a locked down power or rubber model the required project?

Comments on Ed Carroll’s letter


From: john carter
Hi just read latest and notice Ed’s comments .
We in UK hope to select our 2021 world team in April and or May 2021 however as our gov just said with the find of a new mutant strain of covid . it’s out of control ( fact it’s never been under control ?!)
The chance we actually select our team in this time frame is slim I think and then is it real expectation that we can; have a champs in August 2021 I personally do not think so Vaccine the savior will take best part of 2021 to rollout at best I agree reluctantly that best course of action is move the champs back a yr and leave 2021 free to get back to a sense of normality in life .

Ed’s Comments

From:Mike Kirda
A thank you to Ed Carroll for stating the obvious right thing.

BTW we wrote the Korda/ Kirda piece before we got this ??

More Microbes

From: Benjamin Tarcher  
Comments regarding Ed's Open letter,

I could not agree more with Ed.
It seems to me that it would be irresponsible for the US to continue to attempt to hold trials for a World Championship in 2021.

The World Champs  likely will need to be cancelled and re-scheduled to a safer time!
There are, as Ed outlined, too many unknowns at this point.

I was a freshman micro biology major in 1967. One of the first tasks we had to perform as biology majors was to view live microbes through the large Electron Microscope on campus.
When I looked at the invisible to the eye microbes, I could see that they were reproducing at an astronomical rate. I turned to the TA and stated "we are doomed"! I figured by the time I graduated the entire Laboratory would be filled wall to wall with these microbes and that by our present time, some fifty three years later, there would be no room left  on the planet for humans! I guess I was not that far off!!

All kidding aside, I am also thinking that other non F1 contests should also be either cancelled or postponed. I do not know how this would be determined, maybe by NFFS and the AMA, but its worthy of immediate consideration .

I rest my case!

Ben Tarcher


Instant B prop start – lost proof?

From aram schlosberg

Instant B prop start
Looking for a reference to Dave Lacey’s article proving that an instant start is better than a delayed start for B-models. It might have been published twice. 
Aram Schlosberg