SEN 2773 -Answering, buying, selling, asking, zooming

SEN 2773
Answering, buying, selling, asking, zooming

1. Gil’s request
2. Buying, Selling, Asking
3. Zooming to South America

Gil’s request

From:Michael Achterberg
Hello all. Seems like we already have that in F1c. Be nice if we just had a flat 4 sec motor run the electronic timer can be checked on the ground. Not sure what we would need more than what we have.. Michael

Editor’s comment : While I hesitate to make an observation on something to do with a power model …. having last flown one in competition in early 1960s something. I’m not sure if I understand this comment as I don’t see what Gil wanted being currently satisfied ? Gil’s “request” appeared to me to be for a “device/method” of accurately timing the engine run of i.c powered Free Flight model while it is making it’s flight. It appears to this simple sportsman, and equally simple contest organizer that there could be a number of approaches , such as a device on the aircraft that detected the flight start and engine stop and some how communicated success or failure back to the time keeper. Alternatively following impetus for Gil’s question it could be a device on the ground that (optically?) detected the start of the flight and stopping of the rotation of the prop, again communication compliance or not. In this latter case it would have to be optical or perhaps radar, not acoustic because the dreaded speed of sound is does materially affect the timing while speed of light probably not.
There is nothing in the sporting code or AMA/NFFS Rules that permits the timing of the i.c. engine run on the ground prior to the flight be the engine controlled by a vibrating electron or superannuated hand grenade/music box/camera timer.


Buying, Selling, Asking

We get a number of different kinds of message from SEN readers, some those that are buying, selling or asking are looking for a response. The easiest is asking , in the last issue Gil Morris asked a question and he did not expect a personal response so his email address was not posted. Mike posted a response. His response was of general interest and its is posted. That’s how we like to do “questions” like that because just as Gil’s question was of general interest so is Mike’s response. It is a way we share information.
In a recent issue we posted information about an estate sale, this explained some of the background ,gave a link where you could find details and most importantly gave an email address where to go for more details or to buy. That was the right thing to do. Firstly SEN got an email from someone wanting to buy – we did forward it on but it does delay your request to the seller. Secondly we did get emails very soon after the SEN posting complaining that the seller did not respond fast enough, I understand that you want get in an buy that wonderful engine before the other guys but give the seller a break (and me too). This is an estate sale, someone was helping the family, this is not a professional ebay seller or some kind of dealer, these are regular people dealing with the loss of a family member or someone helping as well as doing their regular activities. BTW I did verify that the email address printed and the link with the information was valid before publishing the advertisement.

For wanting to buy, if you want someone to reply to you directly, please include the email address in the body of the message.
Finally if you think there is something inappropriate or incorrect please do contact SEN.


Zooming to South America

We just a request from flyer in Chile who want to find a USA flyer or flyers who speaks Spanish to explain about model flying in the USA over some Spanish Language Zoom sessions. If you are interested send you email address to SEN and I will forward it on.