SEN 2774

SEN 2774

1. Recruiting is more important ?
2. Harvest Classic 2020, Wawaywanda NY
3. Huron Cup

Recruiting is more important ?

From:Ross Jahnke

Gil's Request and Mike's Response,

Who really knows precisely when the ring slides free of the tow-hook, or
when a finger last grazes the motor tube? Who really sees when the model
first touches a blade of grass?

Let's find 5 more F1C flyers before the 2022 USA finals instead.

Harvest Classic 2020, Wawaywanda NY

The Harvest Classic was supposed to be held over September 12-13. But the forecast for Sunday the 13th had heavy rain and flying it was postponed to the next Sunday, September 20th. But the 13th had no rain and the following Sunday the 20th was a blowout.
Alex Andriukov traveled up from Virginia on Thursday September 10th, trimmed the whole Friday and competed on Saturday. He slept and dined in his car. Alex and me flew 2:30 minute maxes and although my third flight was RDTed at 2 minutes, it landed deep in the corn to the west at 4:30 minutes. Fortunately, iCare did its job efficiently. To determine a winner, we performed an altitude flyoff at 2 minutes on the fifth flight. My cruise was flattish and I discovered that a third of the loops were torn after the flight.
On the following Sunday, September the 20th, the wind forecast and job requirements deterred the A fliers. Only Yuda Avla S model flew off the field and landed on a tree on the other side of the river. Fortunately, a large utility telescopic pole was long enough to reach the model and it was dislodged off its high perch. By then it was late and Drake and Yuda will decide the S’s winner next weekend. Since the AMA events could be flown on either day, in P30 Dom Algieri beat Ed Pelatowski who flew on the previous Saturday.
Trying to out maneuver the weather was a losing hand.
Aram, Ass. CD

Harvest Classic
Wawaywanda NY July 12, 20, 2020
Height(M) Total
B 150 150 150 150 120 45.55 720 Alex Andriukov
B 150 150 150 150 120 34.60 720 Aram Schlosberg Ass CD

G 23 120 108 120 120 491 John Clapp CD
G 77 89 120 70 120 476 Don Rousseau
G 60 31 dnf dn dnf 91 Larry Pelatowski

J 120 120 120 120 120 600 Drake Hooke

S 120 120 120 120 TBA Drake Hooke
S 120 120 120 120 TBA Yuda Avla

A electric
120 dnf dnf 120 Drake Hooke

Cat Glider
61 45 120 226 Larry Pelatowski
21 37 16 64 Ed Pelatowski

Hand Launch Glider
31 34 21 86 Larry Pelatowski
19 29 17 65 Ed Pelatowski

P30 101 120 100 321 Dom Algieri
P30 60 94 97 251 Ed Pelatowski
P30 103 5 5 113 Ian Hurley

Re: 2020 Huron Cup

From:tony mathews
Hello everyone,
The weather gods smiled on us this weekend for the Huron Cup. We had almost
perfect weather for both days. Very light winds, sunshine and some lovely

Saturday started very cold (-2 C at 7:00 am) with frost on the ground. But
there was almost no drift. We set up on the Brayford sod farm situated
south of the 12th line adjacent to the Zander sod farm which had been
harvested recently.
In F1B we had 4 entries with newcomer (in F1B) Patrick MacKenzie flying a
Champion Model "Wake-up" with home made RDT.
Ladi Horak won F1B with the only full score. Well done Ladi!

It was good to see Dmytro Silin (one of our Indoor F1D experts) flying some
outdoor rubber models. Dmytro was flying a Burdov Pirate P30 and had an
extraordinary flight. His model climbed beautifully into a fantastic piece
of air. The model climbed in the thermal to tremendous height but
unfortunately did not DT. Many of us watched the model for a long time as
it stayed overhead and soon became a spec in the sky. The model actually
came back towards the flight line and finally came down about 400 meters
away at almost 20 minutes! What a flight! It turns out that the tiny Lipo
battery onboard had reached the end of it's life and just gave up!
In F1A Chris Lenartowicz beat out Peter Allnutt in tricky conditions. Calm
weather is not easy on older legs it seems!

In F1C only Yury Shvedenkov flew but had a good time and dropped only the
first round. And only because he DT'd early on purpose to avoid flying
across a road as his model refused to turn in the glide. Yury and Brian
Eggleston were testing a new F1C prop design. It seems some more work is
needed which I'm sure will happen. Yury is always working to try and
improve his models and engines. You can't stand still in FAI events!
John Foley was entertaining us with his tiny park flyer R/C motor glider.
And some of the R/C glider flyers were flying F3K and F5J in ideal
conditions. What a day!

Sunday morning was a little warmer. Tony and Pat MacKenzie flew some CLG
and Hand Launch Glider before anyone else arrived in very calm, sunny

We flew 5 flights for each of the Open events we flew on Sunday. Conditions
were excellent. A bit warmer than Saturday and very light winds from the
South. Open Rubber required the first flyoff of the weekend. Tony, Patrick
and Ladi Horak had maxed out. It was agreed to fly a 3 minute flyoff max to
easily keep the models on the field. Tony and Patrick both maxed and Ladi
Horak somehow managed to find a downdraft even though he launched just
seconds after Tony and seconds before Pat. The 2nd flyoff was also a 3
minute max. Pat climbed well and Tony launched but it was obvious that the
air was not good. Pat squeaked out the max while Tony was down in under two
minutes. A solid win for Pat!

There was a wide variety of models in use for Open Rubber. Tony and Ladi
were using Coupe d'hiver models (F1G) with 10 grams of rubber. Dmyto Silin
flew a P30 (10 grams of rubber) and new junior flyer Maria Silin used a P1B
rtf model that used 4 grams of rubber. Patrick used a 40 year old Open
Rubber model (his Copy Cat design) with 140 grams of TanII rubber! There
were many nice flights throughout the day of models floating very high up
in gentle thermals with short retrievals.

It was very nice to see young Maria Silin enjoying the flights of her tiny
P1B rubber model. We need more Junior flyers!

Ladi Horak had two models fly away with very long DT's with both landed
aprox 1.1 km from the flight line. Both appeared to land in some trees.
Ladi shocked us by returning about 15 minutes later with both models intact
in the back of his car! He was already happy with his new Pyxis RDT system,
but now is almost religious about it! Astonishing how practical this new
technology is for retrieval. I predict that GPS will become as common as
RDT and essential for competition Free Flight very soon.

In Open glider Chris Lenartowicz again edged out Peter Allnutt for the win.
Good flying Chris!

Simon Blake showed up and flew a class B power model in Open Power. He had
some power pattern trim issues and only managed 3 flights but as the sole
competitor it was enough for the win!
The weather was so good that some people were clearly reluctant to leave!
For the last event of the year we could not have hoped for better weather.
Let's hope that next year we can gather together for more events with some
of our American neighbours from the South. I want to thank everyone who
showed up and I am sorry for the short notice for the contest but the field
may be plowed and seeded very shortly so it may be the last window to fly
on a large field this year.
See you all next Year!

Tony Mathews CD