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1. More on USFFC
2. More on the Late Peter King
3. Automatic engine run timer


More on USFFC

From: Ed carroll

Additional COVID 19 Mediation Information for the US Free Flight Championships September 18-20 at Lost Hills, California

* To assist with staying healthy, there are hand washing stations on the porta potties.
* Masks will be available if you forget yours or it blows away. 
* Hand sanitizer will be available at the score table as will drinking water, save your cup. 
* Exact change or check ( LHFFMAA) would be appreciated on check in.
* Pencils will be provided for your scorekeeping pleasure and you make keep yours.
* Remember, wear your mask when you congregate with folks and keep social distance.
Ed Carroll
Contest Director
Cell: 818-489-5039
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


More on the Late Peter King

From: Martin Dilly Peter Williams spotted this excellent full page obituary for F1B flyer and
alto giant Peter King in a recent Times newspaper in London:

Editor’s Comment, Interesting obit in one of the World’s most renowned newspapers , it talks about many aspects of Peter’s life including model flying and the reasons why he got into it. It credits his model flying achievements.


Automatic engine run timer

From: Gilbert Morris

I read in yesterdays New York Times -- " An experiment in automation
that could change tennis has been well received at this years US Open.
The experiment is Hawk-Eye Live, a fully electronic line-calling
system that was used for the first time in a Grand Slam tournament.
Most of the players really liked it. You never have to question one
single call."

Wouldn't it be great if some one came up with an automatic engine run
timer during this pandemic? I can't think of anything else that would
so enliven F1C or all power flying, for that matter.

Gil Morris