SEN 2732 Stopping in Italy and Canada

SEN 2732

Stopping in Italy and Canada

1.In Canada
2. In Italy


In Canada

From:Michael Woodhouse

Back in the late 50’s and early 60’s I was in correspondence with the Montreal Club. We used to run an annual postal contest. I have copies of the Montreal  bulletin and the prop stop appears in the March 1960 edition. I also have copies of the internationalist.

Michael J Woodhouse

In Italy

From: sergio montes

I believe the Montreal stop was not invented in Montreal, but actually came from Italy.
If you open the 1955-56 Zaic Yearbook,  you will find in page 109 the Wakefield of Guido Fea with a neat version of that stop, Fea's model was called "Il Fuggitivo".
Curiously, there is no comment in the plan of this important development. Maybe the idea was "in the air", as it happens with many inventions, and no one could point to a clear attribution.
It could be that the mechanism was known  in Italy previous to 1955.