SEN 2733 Guido leading ?

SEN 2733

Guido leading ?

1. More from Guido Fea
2. Is this one ?
3. THERMIKSENSE 1/2020 as download

More from Guido Fea

From:Simon Dixon
Montreal stop
I have just built an Italian vintage coupe from 1952 called Lo Zigolo by Guido Fea which shows a reverse Montreal stop on the plan which works treat.

Simon Dixon

Is this one ?

From:hermann andresen
Don’t know if it qualifies as Montreal, but back when Wakefield was a real event (no rubber limit) pre 1954, there were plans for a Red  Everitt Wakefield in a model mag. (Air Trails?) which had some weird stop mechanism.  Not sure how it compares with Montreal but…



THERMIKSENSE 1/2020 as download

Von: Bernhard Schwendemann

THERMIKSENSE 1/2020 as download

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